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Student mental health strategy

UVic's Student Mental Health Strategy provides a framework for supporting student mental health and well-being.

This plan is designed to help:

  • remove barriers
  • build more supportive and inclusive campus environments and services
  • attract and retain students
  • reduce stigma surrounding student mental health issues


This plan focuses on four primary goals specifically related to optimizing student mental health:

  1. Embed student mental health policy within institutional strategic planning
  2. Build a more welcoming, connected and supportive university community
  3. Enhance the university community’s ability to support students who may be at-risk
  4. Enhance supports for students who are experiencing distress or in crisis

Guiding principles

The following principles help shape and reinforce our commitment to student mental health and well-being within our campus communities.

Mental health and well-being is imperative to all students

Mental health and well-being is imperative to all students':

  • academic and personal success;
  • personal growth and identity development;
  • ability to reach their potential; and
  • full and meaningful participation in all aspects of life.

Celebrate and model inclusivity

We acknowledge and celebrate differences and model inclusivity. Many factors impact student mental health and well-being including: physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual. Building strong relationships, communities, and support services foster meaningful connection, respect, and a culture of belonging.

Holistic and comprehensive approach

A holistic and comprehensive approach to student mental health is imperative; all university community members have an impact and a role to play in supporting students including students assisting and supporting each other.

Students should feel safe, respected and valued

Students should be provided with opportunities to share their knowledge and life experiences and UVic should be a place where students know that they are safe, respected, and valued.

Targeted and accessible programs

Through targeted and accessible programs, services and supports students can better achieve their academic and personal goals and maintain their well-being throughout university experience.

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