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Meet Fiona Prince

Fiona Prince

Jewish Spiritual care provider





I am Fiona Prince, also known as Morah Faiga (Morah = Teacher; Faiga is my Hebrew name).

My studies: I have a BFA in Theatre, an MA in Applied Communications, and a Graduate Diploma in Technology-enhanced Learning & Design. I have been studying Torah and Talmud through in-person and online classes for the past 18 years.

My background: I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and emigrated to Canada when I was five years old. I was raised by my parents and grandparents in a small Jewish community, in a traditional British, modern-orthodox home in Regina, Saskatchewan. We had a kosher home, attended synagogue regularly, and often invited people home for Shabbat meals. I went to Talmud Torah for after-school and Sunday classes from kindergarten to grade seven, then I had Bat Mitzvah lessons and in high school I joined BBYO. After high school, there were no more Jewish programs for my age group.

40 years ago, when I graduated from UVIC with my BFA in Theatre, there were only two Jewish students on campus…and I was one of them. I felt adrift in a secular world, far from my home, family, and traditions. As a busy student, I had no time to connect with the small Jewish community in Victoria, and I always went home for the holidays. I drifted away from being observant, but always maintained a strong Jewish identity. Today, there is Hillel House on campus and many opportunities to connect with the growing Jewish community off campus.

Ways to connect with me: I am usually at the Multifaith Centre on Tuesdays from 10:00 am – 12 noon.
Email or text me anytime. Use my online calendar to book an appointment to meet in Zoom or by phone. Meet me at the Chabad Family Shul for Shabbat Services and Kiddush lunch (even if you’re not a shul goer 😊).

Meeting you and helping you with your journey is something I'm looking forward to.