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Meet Laura Kavanagh

Laura Kavanagh

Presbyterian Spiritual care provider




Hi, my name is Laura Kavanagh, and I am the Presbyterian Spiritual Care Provider at the University of Victoria.

I am happy to engage in conversation (about anything!), counsel, spiritual guidance or prayer as needed. I don’t promise to have answers to questions or concerns you may raise, but I can pledge to listen in confidence and without judgment or pressure to conform to a particular point of view. I also participate in programs through Multifaith – especially when I can cook for and eat with people!

In addition to my role as faith representative at UVic, I also serve as a full-time minister (pastor/teaching elder) at Knox Presbyterian Church on Richmond Road. Prior to ministry, I was a teacher in Edmonton focusing on children with special needs at the elementary level.

For many years I had the privilege of participating on the management committee of the relief and development agency of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. During this time, I travelled to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Malawi on behalf of the church. These experiences were formative, and I would love to share.

A few things to note about the Presbyterian faith:

  • We are “reformers” within the Christian tradition.
  • We emphasize God’s unconditional love for all through Jesus Christ – grace.
  • We look to scripture for the revelation of God and guidance for our life.
  • We make a difference in the world by seeking to live the abundant grace we have received.

In addition to the above, I enjoy cycling, running, reading and music in addition to spending time with family and friends.

Office hours are by appointment.