Department of Sociology Announces: 2018 Honours Research Symposium


Come and learn about what the Honours students have been researching this year. Each student will give a brief 10 minute presentation on their project with time for questions.

Presentations By:

  1. Qwisun Yoon-Potkins – “Almost Five Years and I Am Still Uncomfortable”: An Exploration of the Experiences of Precarity and Aging Among Mid- to Later Life Immigrants

  2. Danielle Knopfel – Children’s Well-Being in Same Sex Families: A Critical Literature Review

  3. Saige Lawson -- A Critical Discourse Analysis of Media Framing of the Trans Mountain Pipeline

  4. Melissa Indome - Gendered Colonialism: An Intersectional Analysis of Race and Gender in Higher Learning

  5. Larissa Edmonson - Seeing Both Worlds: An Exploration of Decolonized Methods for Understanding Injustices of Indigenous Peoples

  6. Harris Watt – Conspiracies and the Truth

  7. Finn Deschner – The Arpaio Pardon and Changing State-Court Relations under Trump: Perspectives from White Collar Crime

  8. Taisto Witt – "Male feminists are soyballed, skinnyfat, androgynous, unnattractive": Affect,

    Emotion, and Performative Identity Formation in Online Anti-feminist Discourses Regarding Pro-Feminist Men

           All are welcome! Light refreshments will be served.