Fall 2022 courses

Important dates:
Registration begins: Monday, June 13
Term dates: Wednesday, September 7 - Friday, December 2, 2022
Thanksgiving: Monday, October 10 (no classes)
Fall term Reading Break: Wednesday, November 9 - Thursday, November 10 (no classes)
Remembrance Day: Thursday, November 11 (no classes)
December final exam period: Monday, December 5 - Monday, December 19

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Number CRN Title Instructor Timetable
POLI 101 Canadian Politics TBA TR 16:30-17:50
POLI 103 Worlds of Politics Dr. Will Greaves TWF 10:30-11:20



Number CRN Title Instructor Timetable
POLI 300A Ancient and Medieval Political Thought Dr. Andrew Wender MR 11:30-12:50
POLI 300C Post Enlightenment Political Thought Dr. Simon Glezos TWF 13:30-14:20
POLI 305 Democracy and Diversity Dr. Avigail Eisenberg R 15:30-18:20
POLI 306 Introduction to Marxism Dr. Simon Carroll TWF 10:30-11:20
POLI 323 Issues in Politics: "Politics on Screen" Dr. Will Greaves TWF 12:30-13:20
POLI 328 Gender and International Relations Emma Swan TWF 9:30-10:20
POLI 329 Political Foundations of International Law Dr. Claire Cutler W 14:30-17:20
POLI 338 Approaches to Political Analysis (Honours Seminar) Dr. Rita Dhamoon M 10:00-12:50
POLI 341 UN and Global Issues Dr. Scott Watson TWF 11:30-12:20
POLI 344 International Political Economy Dr. Sarah E. Sharma MR 13:00-14:20
POLI 350 Intro to Public Admin TBA Online
POLI 351 Public Policy Analysis Dr. Jennifer Hall W 18:30-21:20
POLI 357 Environmental Politics Dr. Jamie Lawson MR 14:30-15:50
POLI 365 BC Political Economy Dr. Jamie Lawson MR 11:30-12:50
POLI 369 Issues in Canadian Politics: Power, Policy and Governance in Canada Dr. Justin Leifso MR 10:00-11:20
POLI 371/ HSTR 365D Chinese Politics Dr. Guoguang Wu MR 13:00-14:20
POLI 382 Politics and Religion Dr. Andrew Wender MR 14:30-15:50
POLI 387 Feminist Political Economy Dr. Feng Xu TWF 11:30-12:20


Number CRN Title Instructor Timetable
POLI 401 Advanced Topics in Political Theory: "Racial Captalism" Dr. Mara Marin W 12:30-15:50
POLI 412 Migration, Nationalism and Identity in Asia Dr. Feng Xu F 13:30-16:20
POLI 433 A02 Issues in Politics: "Transnational Labour" Dr. Marlea Clarke T 11:30-14:20
POLI 433 A03 Issues in Politics: "Medieval Political Theory in our Time" Dr. Simon Glezos W 9:30-12:20