ȾEL¸IȽĆ/ c̓əl̓íɫč  at Cordova Bay

ȾEL¸IȽĆE / c̓əl̓íɫč  at Cordova Bay
Ancient village site ȾEL¸IȽĆE / c̓əl̓íɫč at Cordova Bay

Centred on a mapping project of indigneous land values, Professor Brian Thom, the W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council, and the District of Saanich have partnered in an ongoing collaborative, community-engaged research project to Indigenize municipal land use planning in Saanich, focussing on the ancient village site of  ȾEL¸IȽĆE in Cordova Bay.

ȾEL¸IȽĆE, a historic village was at the centre of the South Saanich Treaty of 1852.  As a part of this ongoing project, we are working to map the entire Cordova Bay area with ancestral places, traditional use sites, transformer sites, ancient fish traps and canoe runs, and other culturally significant landscapes. We are working to ensure that Indigenous values, knowledge, and law are at the centre of conversations around land use planning, bringing Indigenous senses of place into the future, and promoting the respect for Indigenous rights. 


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