Ethnographic Mapping Lab

Ray Harris on a boat

Sharing knowledge and experiences of indigenous territories

Ray Harris, Stz’uminus First Nation.

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UVic students on Valdes Island

Experiential learning on Valdes Island

UVic students at Teet'q'e, on Valdes Island, looking at one of the last standing nineteenth-century Coast Salish structural house posts.

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Brian Thom using a tablet

Innovating with mobile devices to assist in mapping Indigenous landscape

Dr. Brian Thom of UVic Anthropology's Ethnographic Mapping Lab.

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Man holding a piece of wood

Connecting ancestral landscapes with modern mapping technologies

PhD student Eric McLay in the Gulf Islands.

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Dr. Brian Thom at Googleplex, Silicon Valley

Collaborating to develop innovative techniques

Our researchers work directly with collaborators at Google to develop innovative techniques using widely available technologies. Contact us to find out more.

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Students working on various research projects in the EML

Students working in the lab

UVic students use the ethnographic mapping lab to work on various Indigenous mapping projects.

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Mapping in Indigenous communities

University of Victoria's Ethnographic Mapping Lab is designed for GIS and qualitative data analysis supporting research and innovation in projects like traditional land use and occupancy mapping in indigenous communities and providing space for interview transcription, high-speed document scanning, and software supported qualitative analysis.


We are interested in developing collaborative partnerships with indigenous communities who could value working with faculty, undergraduate and graduate students on documenting traditional land uses. If you or your community may be interested in discussing it further, please contact Dr. Brian Thom.