Thom with a tablet
Dr. Brian Thom is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology.

Selected articles and chapters: Dr. Brian Thom

Selected Conference Papers: Dr. Brian Thom

  • (2016) Displaying simplified Google Earth Engine data in MyMaps.  Presentation at Geo for Good User Summit 2016, Google Headquarters, Mountain View, CA, October 7, 2016. [SLIDES]
  • (2016) with Sébastien Caquard "Axis 6, Indigenous Mapping" Invited presentation at the Centre for Indigenous Conservation and Development Alternatives, Wendake, QC, 28 Aug - 01 Sep 2016. [YouTube][Slides]
  • (2015) Googling Indigenous Kamchatka. Paper Presented at the Annual Meetings of the Canadian Anthropological Society, 15 May 2015, Université Laval, Laval, Québec. [SLIDES]
  • (2015) Sébastien Caquard, Nicole Fenton and Thom, Brian “Axis 6: Community Mapping and Landscape Modelling” Invited presentation at the Spring 2015 Leaders and Directors Meeting of the Centre for Indigenous Conservation and Development Alternatives. Montreal, QC, 19-20 Feb 2015. [SLIDES]
  • (2015) "Round Table Panellist: The Landscape of Anthropology Beyond the University: Maps, Dreams, and Standards / Paysage de l’anthropologie au-delà de l’université : cartes, rêves et normes " Invited presenter for round table organized by Craig Candler and Rachel Olson, at the Annual Meetings of the Canadian Anthropological Society, Université Laval, Laval, Québec, 15 May 2015.
  • (2015) “Indigenous Mapping with Google Earth, GPS, and Google MyMaps”. Invited presentation with hands-on training for Indigenous Mapping Workshop Canada 2015, hosted by Chief of Ontario, Google Earth Outreach and the Firelight Group, Waterloo, ON, 28-30 July 2015. 
  • (2014) "Mapping Indigenous Storied Places: Igniting Inter-generational sharing of place-based knowledge." Invited Plenary Presentation at Google's 2014 Geo for Good Summit, Google Campus, Mountain View, CA, Oct 3 2014.
  • (2014) Amy Becker and Brian Thom, “Stz’uminus Storied Places”. Invited presentation at Indigenous Mapping Workshop, University of Victoria, 26 Aug 2014.
  • "Ethnographic Mapping and Indigenous Cartographies" Invited Presentation at Google's 2013 Geo for Good Summit, Unconference Session on Cultural and Indigenous Mapping, Google Campus, Mountain View, CA, 14 Nov 2013.

Student Publications

Student Conference Papers

  • Abramczyk, UA 2016, ‘Hul’qumi’num People in the Gulf Islands: Re-storying the Coast Salish Landscape,’ paper presented to Society for Applied Anthropology 2016 Annual Meeting, Vancouver, 29 March-April 2.
  • Abramczyk, UA 2015, ‘Hul’qumi’num People in the Gulf Islands: Re-storying the Coast Salish Landscape,’ paper presented to Canadian Anthropological Society 31st Annual Conference, Université de Laval, Quebec City, 13-16 May.
  • Becker, A, 2016, 'Community-Based Mapping and Story-telling: Methods and Tools,' powerpoint presentation at Sonoptica Media Festival, Victoria, BC, April 5-6, 2015.
  • Becker, A, 2015, 'Stz'uminus Storied Places: A youth-involved digital mapping project to mobilize Hul'qumi'num place-names and place-based stories,' paper presented at the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, June 4-6, 2015
  • Fritz, J and J Kuntz 2015, 'Using Google Earth, Aerial Photos, and Archival Documents to Detect Encroachment,' paper presented to CMC Community Mapping Institute, Victoria, BC, April 13-14, 2015
  • Kuntz, J. 2016, ‘Indigenous Women and Environmental Assessments,' paper presented at the Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver, BC, March 29 - April 2, 2016.