ČaɁak Project

Tł’iho:wa, on Nettle Island Detail of map created by author on Google Tour Builder.

Beach Keeper Hank Gus, August 9th 2016. Photograph by author.

A mock-up of how the digital map and place-associated data appears in Google Tour Builder. A mock-up rather than the actual map-in-progress is displayed here to protect the confidentiality of this information; at the time of this writing in April 2017, permission for the map’s distribution has not yet been given by Tseshaht First Nation.

The ČaɁak (Islands): how place-based Indigenous perspectives can inform national park ‘visitor experience’ programming in Nuu-chah-nulth traditional territory research project by Kelda Helweg-larson explores ways in which place-based Indigenous perspectives can inform national park “visitor experience” planning, management, and information delivery. 

In collaboration with the Tseshaht First Nation, this project explores knowledge of Tseshaht-identified places of cultural significance in their traditional territory. This research project examines knowledge, power, and place in the context of Indigenous self-representation. Informed by Indigenous ways of knowing and Indigenous principles of knowledge-sharing, this thesis is an ethnography of knowledge-sharing in modern contexts fraught with issues of state power, commodification, and colonialism.