Cartographic Legacies

Cart leg
Ethnographic mapping in the Coast Salish world

We have built a web-browser to explore the maps scanned from a review of over 700 ethnographies written about Coast Salish peoples. The maps have been organized by theme, and have been geo-referenced to be superimposed over the Google Maps imagery.  In the browser, the any number of individual images can be added as a layer, and then made more-or-less transparent to allow comparison of map features and the basemaps below.

Check back soon for a scholarly paper that accompanies this ethnographic map database, and improved scans for many of the map images. View a slideshow and video presentation providing a preliminary analysis of the material.

This project was supported by research assistants Megan Spencer, Tia Hiltz, Kim Tenhunen, Janelle Kuntz and Justin Fritz. Coding was done by Andrew Hobden and is available on GitHub. The project was funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant and an UVic Internal Research Grant.

Project updates

This project, developed in 2013-2015 has been temporarily taken down due to server issues at UVic.  We are working to rebuild it, but currently do not have any funding.  If you want to contribute, please contact Brian Thom