Speaker Series

Rain garden.

One of our first annual Speaker Series was on the restoration of brownfields, such as the creation of benches of natural habitat at the edge of industrial land along the shores of the Gorge Waterway in Victoria.

Tthe Restoration of Natural Systems Program often brings in speakers to offer the university community and the general public updates on the latest topics and initiatives affecting local ecosystems.

Past Speaker series:

  • 2015 Street Trees of Victoria
  • 2014 Re-inventing Nature - Creating New Ecosystems
  • 2013 Managing the Urban Forest
  • 2012 Restoring Greater Victoria's Bays
  • 2011 Restoring Victoria's Hills and Valleys
  • 2010 Wetland Restoration
  • 2009 Stream Restoration
  • 2008 Farmland as Natural Habitat
  • 2007 Heritage Greenspaces in Victoria
  • 2006 Restoring Nature in Cities
  • 2006 Reviving Victoria's Brownfields