Current Research

Faculty and students of the School of Environmental Studies are active in many different areas of research, most of which is interdisciplinary, spanning topics in sciences, social sciences, and humanities, reaching into history, and projecting into the future.

Our research takes us out onto the lands and waters, and into local communities and urban areas all across Canada, with some of our work being international in scope.

Much of our work is collaborative, and is undertaken in teams, together with others at UVic, at other universities, from various government departments, NGOs, First Nations, and other local communities. The breadth of our research is reflected in our numerous publications, conference presentations, research grants, and awards that we receive for our work.

We are truly at the forefront of achieving a better understanding of our environment and the place of humans within it.

Ban Research Group

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  • Our research is focused on coastal and marine conservation and social-ecological systems.
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Curran Research Group


  • Water and regional/watershed sustainability.
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Higgs Research Group

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  • Landscape ecology, ecological restoration, and social perspectives on the mountainous landscapes of western Canada.
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Lantz Research Group


  • Arctic Landscape Ecology Lab. We work at multiple scales to understand environmental change in the western Arctic. 
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Matthews Research Group


  • Collaboration with First Nations communities to understand the deep history between past peoples and their environments. 
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Peredo Research Group


  • Sustainable resource-based livelihoods in distinctive cultures and environments.
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Rowe Research Group


  • Political theory, social movement histories/futures, and ecological political economy. 
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Shackelford Research Group


  • Our research links restoration science and practice to enhance ecosystem function and processes in degraded communities. 
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Shaw Research Group

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  • Investigates how contemporary environmental challenges reshape political space and discourse.
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Starzomski Research Group

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  • We conduct research in community ecology, restoration ecology, and conservation biology.
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Volpe Research Group


  • Canada's only ecogastronomy research program
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