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Registration for undergraduate courses

Choosing your program

  • Choose the program in Economics that suits you the best by reading our programs overview section.
  • Consult the relevant program planning worksheet to plan which courses to take and when. 
  • Consult our spreadsheet of 300-level Economics courses to make sure you have completed all the required prerequisites for the courses you want to take.
  • Consult the Camosun Transfer Student Guide if you are a transfer student coming directly from Camosun and this is your very first term at UVic.
  • Declare your program on your My Page as soon as you have credit for 12 units of course work. This will make you eligible for Economics scholarship nominations and satisfy the program declaration prerequisite for ECON 225. 

Read the following registration information well before your registration time.

  • Register as soon as your time ticket opens – classes fill up quickly and waitlists are long.

  • Register for September and January courses in June.

  • If you want to register in a January course that has a prerequisite in the September term, register in the prerequisite first.

  • Make sure you have all the prerequisites and corequisites for your courses before you register. If you have any concerns, contact Prerequisites are courses or other requirements that must be completed before you are able to register in a particular course. For example, ECON 245 is a prerequisite for ECON 246. A corequisite is a course or other requirement that must be completed before or at the same time as the selected course. Current course descriptions and their pre- or corequisites can be found under the Courses tab in the UVic Academic Calendar.

  • Be sure to consult the right Calendar for the session you are registering for. For September and January courses, consult the September Calendar. When you register in June, the Calendar link will take you to the current May Calendar page but the September Calendar can be accessed via a red link near the top of the Calendar home page. During March registration, you will need to click on the May Calendar link for Summer courses.

  • There are occasionally periods when the prerequisite checking program is turned off. If you happen to register for a course during one of these times and don’t have the prerequisites, you will be dropped from the course at a later date.

  • When registering for a course, even though you have the prerequisites, you may encounter problems. Some reasons for this are:
    • You transferred a prerequisite course from a different institution and the grade is not showing on your My Page unofficial UVic transcript. For example, you are registering for ECON 313 and you received the required grade of C in ECON 203 at a College
    • You took a prerequisite at another institution and your grade has not transferred to UVic yet
    • You have a Duplicate or Mutually Exclusive notation beside a course on your unofficial transcript
    • You have a waiver or substitution for a course that serves as a prerequisite to another course
    • You are trying to register for ECON 225 and have declared your program major in Economics, but your CAPP report has not yet been processed by Academic Advising
    • Specific to Summer Session: You are trying to register for a course in Term 3 and you are taking its prerequisite in Term 2 (for example, ECON 245 in Term 2 and ECON 246 in Term 3)
  • If any of the above situations apply to you, contact the Economics department by emailing  to request a prerequisite override as soon as the timetable for the relevant registration period is available. Failure to do so increases the likelihood that you will end up on a waitlist. Always include your student number in your email, as well as the specific courses and terms you are trying to register in.
  • During the busy registration periods, requests for overrides must be submitted by email only. In-person and phone requests will be redirected to email, and will be dealt with in the order they are received.
  • You may need to provide proof of your grade for transfer credit courses — you can do this by emailing us a screenshot of your unofficial transcript. Overrides can only be processed for graded transfer credits, so if you are taking a course at another institution you will need to wait until you have a grade before requesting an override.
  • For program declarations (required for access into ECON 225), a screenshot from your My Page showing Declaration Pending is sufficient. Make sure that your name and student number are clearly visible in this screenshot, along with your declared program in Economics. You can also bring these into the Economics office BEC 360. 
  • Overrides must be processed for each course every term. Overrides are only processed by the Department, not by Academic Advising or the Registrar's office.
  • A department may cancel the registration of a student who cannot demonstrate that all course prerequisites have been met or who fails to attend a course within the following period:
    • Winter Session courses
      first 7 calendar days from the start of the course
    • May-August courses
      first 7 calendar days from the start of the course
    • May-June courses
      first 2 class meetings
    • July-August courses
      first 2 class meetings


  • You may see a ‘C’ when you register for a course. This indicates the course capacity is full and you will need to put yourself on the waitlist. More information on waitlists can be found on the University of Victoria How to register for courses page.
  • Waitlists expire after the last add date. The list will remain visible for a few days; however, offers are not active and will not be sent out. Please stop attending the class if you have not received an offer by the last add date. 
  • Please contact the  immediately if you are:
    • in the final year of your degree program AND
    • you are waitlisted for one last Economics course that you require to graduate


  • Please register, at the same time, in both a lecture section and an associated lab section if the course has labs.
  • Labs do not have waitlists. If you are in the lecture but you are not able to register in a lab, continue to attend the lab that fits your schedule until you are able to register. If there are still no lab spots available after the last add date, contact the Economics office .
  • Please do not register in a lab if you are waitlisted in a lecture. If you do, you will be dropped from the lab by the Department.
If you do receive a registration offer for the lecture section, rest assured that a lab spot will be available for you. Please follow the instructions in the second bullet/paragraph above.

  • If you need to re-take a course to pass it or to achieve a required grade, please read the Economics department policy on repeating courses on our Course policies page.

  • Repeating a course will not replace the grade you earned the first time. Both grades will be on your transcript and be included in your GPA calculation. You will have a duplicate credit notation beside the course on your transcript, which means you will need to request an override to register for a course which has the duplicate course as a prerequisite.

  • If you want to take a course at another institution, you must have completed or be registered in at least 6 units of course work at UVic. You must also apply for a Letter of Permission from the Academic Advising Centre and pay a small transfer fee.
  • For more information, please see Academic Advising's Taking courses at another institution as part of your UVic degree and taking courses elsewhere page.  
  • If this course is a prerequisite to another Economics course you want to take at UVic later, you will not be given a prerequisite override until you have a grade for the prerequisite course.

Visit our Forms page for information regarding prerequisite waivers, repeating course requests, letters of permission, etc.

Still have program questions? Email the  or attend her drop-in office hours. Drop-in hours vary each week and are available from the main office BEC 360, or by . Include your student number in your emails.

Contact the Academic Advising Centre if you have questions about degree options, program declaration, CAPP reports, degree completion or exceeding the maximum number of credits in a term.