Aidan Brand

Aidan Brand
Director of Voter Services
Elections BC

Political Science - BA (2006)

After graduating from UVic, Aidan’s knowledge of the BC single transferable vote electoral system (BC-STV), developed through coursework and community events organized by the UPS course union, helped him secure a position with Elections BC as a Planning Officer in advance of the 2009 provincial election and referendum on electoral reform. Now, as the Manager of Voter Services, Aidan is responsible for voter registration as well as ongoing online and telephone services for voters. Between his first job with Elections BC and his current one, Aidan gained experience working on a state election in Australia, coordinating training for the First Nations Technology Council in Vancouver, and completing his Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree.

In addition to the analytical skills and understanding of policy and politics I gained as a UVic Poli Sci student, I benefited from the wealth of extra-curricular activities. Participating on the UPS executive, the On Politics editorial board, and in the Model UN Club all gave me opportunities to develop skills which have served me well in my life after graduation.

Subsequent education: Public Administration - MPA, Carleton University (2012)