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Anthropology alumnus

Anthropology addresses what it means to be human, including the origins and evolution of humans, human biological diversity, our past life ways, and understanding the social and cultural diversity of humans today.

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Economics alumnae

Economics takes an approach to the discipline that stresses theory as a tool for understanding economic phenomenon and for developing sound economic policy.

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Environmental Studies

Environmental studies alumnus

Environmental Studies digs deeply into the environmental problems from three distinctive perspectives: ethnoecology, ecological restoration and political ecology.

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Geography alumnus

Geography applies the principles of spatial analysis to the social sciences focusing specifically on economic, cultural or resource geographies.

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Political Science

Political Science alumnae

Political Science studies power, authority and governance in human affairs and examines the social, economic, cultural, historical and geographical forces that generate conflicts both within and among societies.

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Psychology: Catherine ‘Katy’ Mateer, clinical neuropsychology professor and University of Victoria administrator

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes, addressing questions about how the brain works and why people think, feel and behave the way they do.

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Sociology alumnus

Sociology considers how membership in groups, small and large, shapes human behaviour and the ability to understand our individual troubles from the vantage point of current events and our social location in the world.

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