Careers in economics

Economics alumna Lori Rennison
Economics alumna Lori Rennison (MA 1998) is a Senior Policy Director at Canada’s central bank and leads the activities that support the Bank’s participation in international policy forums, such as the G7 and G20 meetings

What can I do with a degree in economics?

A degree in economics prepares students for an extraordinary range of career choices. Our graduates are economists, financial analysts, policymakers, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs and more.

Co-op placements will let you work in different areas, giving you the experience you need to decide what career suits you best. The diversity of our programs and co-op opportunities allow you to get a head start in preparing for your ideal career.

Some career options for economics majors

  • Accountant
  • Business consultant
  • Competition policy analyst
  • Economist
  • Environmental policy analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial reporter
  • Health policy analyst
  • Investment advisor
  • Investment banker
  • Labour relations specialist
  • Market researcher

Additional education and training may be required

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Develop your career

Meet our alumni

Bailey Quaite

Senior Advisor, Community Engagement & Communications
Alberta Health Services

At Alberta Health Services, Bailey works in public engagement on health policy and healthcare delivery while supporting regional advisory councils. Her career trajectory has included negotiation work for the BC Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and community relations for CEDA, an Alberta-based energy services company. In 2015, Bailey was selected for a Young Women in Energy Award.

Economics - BSc (2008)

Sadaf Mirza

Chief Economist & Executive Director
Economic Forecasting and Analysis, BC Government

Sadaf has 18 years of experience working as an economist with the BC government, including successive leadership positions in the Ministry of Finance. As Chief Economist for the BC Ministry of Finance she is responsible for developing the provincial government economic forecast, and provides strategic analysis and advice to senior levels of government on the economy and economic policy.

Economics - BSc (1997), MA (1999)

Nawin Chirapant

Diplomatic Officer (Second Secretary)
United Nations Security Council, Peace, Security, and Disarmament Division, Department of International Organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand

As a Diplomatic Officer, Nawin is responsible for policy analysis and implementation of Thailand's engagements with United Nations disarmament framework of conventional weapons.

Economics - BSc (Hons.) (2008), MA (2012)

Phil Ashworth

Portfolio Manager
Odlum Brown Limited

As a Portfolio Manager, Phil deals with a wide range of retail investors, tailoring portfolios to individual circumstances and ensuring that asset allocation is correct based on each client’s objectives and risk tolerance. After graduating from UVic, Phil began his career trading money market securities, stocks and options. Read more

Economics - BSc (2006)

Joanne McBurnie

Limbic Media

Johanna serves as ScrumMaster for Limbic Media Corporation, a Victoria tech company specializing in interactive lighting art installations and products. As the company's ScrumMaster, she facilitates project planning in a people-centred way, making space for quick changes and team self-organization.

Economics - BA (With Distinction), and Social Justice Studies - Diploma (2013)

Tracy Redies

MLA, Surrey-White Rock
Legislative Assembly of BC

Tracy was elected in the riding of Surrey-White Rock in 2017. Her areas of expertise include strategic development and positioning, mergers and acquisitions, commercial banking; personal financial services, wealth management, e-business and IT. Tracy was formerly Director of BC Hydro and CEO of Coast Capital Savings Credit Union, Canada's second largest credit union.

Economics and Pacific and Asian Studies - BA (1984)

Jennifer Davison

Senior Policy Analyst
BC Government

Jennifer's current position with the BC government involves developing and implementing standards for renewable energy and reduced carbon emissions from transportation fuels. She works with senior government and industry officials on challenging and high profile public policy issues like offshore oil and gas, low carbon transportation, the Canada-US softwood lumber dispute and industry competitiveness.

Economics - BA, MA (2003)

Kelsey Ramsden

Belvedere Place Development and SparkPlay

Kelsey is Canada's Top Female Entrepreneur, ranked #1 by Profit and Chatelaine Magazine's 100 list in 2012. She has founded and run businesses ranging from construction to children's toys. She is President of Belvedere Place Development, a land development and construction firm, and Spark Play, a monthly play subscription service. She is also a speaker, consultant and coach.

Economics - BA (2000)

Tony Yu

CEO, Vessi

Tony is one of BC’s Top 30 under 30 and featured in the June 2020 BC Business Magazine. Vessi was launched in 2018 with a fully waterproof knit sneaker. As market leaders in this new category, their products drive happiness by enabling people to live without constraints, rain or shine. Vessi believes giving back to the community in ways that create a childlike, puddle jumping happiness feeling.  A pay it forward option with purchase of Vessi supports their community fund program that spark community heroes with micro-grants.

Tony credits the co-op program which gave him the opportunity to travel and see the world from a different perspective. The experience opened up another world of ideas and the creativity hasn’t stopped since.

Economics & Business Minor (2012)

Paul Dupuis

Manager for Echosec Systems

Paul is currently working as the Inbound Manager for Echosec Systems. This company is fast growing and globally distributed, and Paul works with clients around the world. Paul enjoys the team focused environment working for a company that uses social media and dark web monitoring to assess geopolitical, terrorist, and disinformation risk to help foster public safety.

Kristi Simpson

Vice President Finance and Operations at the University of Victoria

Kristi currently serves as the Vice President Finance and Operations at the University of Victoria. Kristi has been with the University since 2003, and has served as the Director of Budget and Capital Planning and the Associate Vice President Financial Planning and Operations. Kristi enjoys working at UVic as she feels the organization is driven by positive values and that the work she does makes a difference.

Ben  Lukenchuk

Economist with Environment and Climate Change Canada

Ben currently serves as an Economist with Environment and Climate Change Canada and works to support regulations under the Species at Risk Act. In his role at Climate Change Canada, he enjoys the flexibility of the work and the positive impact he has. In addition to his work as an economist, Ben also works as a Sessional Lecturer for the University of Victoria.

Brooklynn Comish-Trimble

Senior Lab Instructor & Sessional Lecturer

Brooklynn works as a Senior Lab Instructor and Sessional Instructor for the Economics Department at the University of Victoria. In her role as a Senior Lab Instructor, Brooklynn is able to support the introductory and intermediate micro and macro economics courses. In her work as a Sessional Instructor, Brooklynn has had the opportunity to teach both econometrics and heath economics.

Office: BEC 306
Nouri Najjar

Assistant Professor at the Ivey Business School at Western University

Nouri currently works as an Assistant Professor at the Ivey Business School at Western University. In this role, Nouri is able to pursue his own research interests and teaches in the Business, Economics, Public Policy, and Sustainability areas. He was recently recognized for his contributions to climate economics through the Doug Purvis Memorial Prize.

Jacob Hunt

Lead Economist with the BC provincial government

Jake serves as a Lead Economist with the BC provincial government. His current role has him working in the Governance and Analytics Branch of the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care. As a Lead Economist, Jake is able to work on a number of projects that have tangible impacts for students in British Columbia.  

Thomas Thorn

Principal Analyst at the Bank of Canada

Thomas currently serves as a Principal Analyst at the Bank of Canada. In this role, Thomas focuses on financial sector monitoring and regulatory reform. Topics of particular interest that Thomas has worked on relate to shadow banking, over-the-counter derivatives, and financial benchmark reform. Through his work, Thomas has had the opportunity to work at the Financial Stability Board in Switzerland and play a role in shaping part of the global financial system. Some of the highlights of working at the Bank for Thomas are the dedicated people and challenging nature of the work.

Colin Scarffe

Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist at Global Affairs Canada

Colin currently serves as an economist in the Office of the Chief Economist at Global Affairs Canada. In this role, he is able to apply the economic theory from his degrees to his daily job. Global Affairs Canada works to shape and advance Canada’s interest in the global community. Colin now has several long running research projects regarding the environment, trade, and the supply chain. Colin’s economic research is used by policy and decision makers in the Federal Government.

Moein Amini

Economist with the Conference Board of Canada

Moein currently serves as an Economist with the Conference Board of Canada. In this role, he is able to work on several research projects in different areas. This variety in research area is both interesting and amplifying Moein’s understanding of Canadian economic landscapes. Moein primarily works with econometric modelling and comprehensive research in this role. Moein is grateful to be able to apply the skills and theory he learned during his MA studies at the University of Victoria to a value-driven research team.