Paul Dupuis

Paul Dupuis
Manager for Echosec Systems

BA Economics 2019

Paul Dupuis

Paul is currently working as the Inbound Manager for Echosec Systems. This company is fast growing and globally distributed, and Paul works with clients around the world. Paul enjoys the team focused environment working for a company that uses social media and dark web monitoring to assess geopolitical, terrorist, and disinformation risks to help foster public safety. 

Paul’s interest in economics was first inspired when he was gifted Freakonomics as a teenager. From there, he used his entrepreneurial spirit to found a successful photography, videography, and music services company. He learned a great deal about business through hands on experiences and then decided to further his formal education at the University of Victoria studying economics. 

Upon graduating with his BA in economics, Paul went straight into graduate studies. He joined the Business School at the University of Victoria and jointly completed his Master of Global Business through UVic and his Master of Science through Montpellier Business School in France. 

While reflecting on his time as a student, Paul’s advice to current students is: 

  1. Relax and smell the roses. I know university is extremely stressful, but it’s also a chance to explore your curiosities with relatively few responsibilities. Take your time and enjoy the ride. 
  2. Get work experience. Many bright students struggle to get jobs after graduation because they have no relevant work history. Whatever you do, try to work or volunteer within your desired field before graduating. I really hate the word “networking,” but making meaningful connections with people you can learn from is invaluable. Go to every conference, message people on LinkedIn, go to local meetups, whatever you must do, do it. 
  3. Read a lot. While econometrics textbooks are exhilarating… Reading outside of your field of study will help you develop a more holistic view of the world.