Careers in anthropology

What can I do with a degree in anthropology?

Anthropology involves the study of culture, society and human behaviour throughout history. With a Bachelor’s degree, students with a passion for Anthropology can take their skills directly to the workforce or they can continue their studies at graduate school.

Anthropology students understand how culture influences human behaviour, such as the cultural determinants of health and healthcare access. This knowledge can be applied cross-culturally, providing students with the capacity to work with diverse groups in Canada and in international settings.

In an increasingly globalized world, the cross-cultural perspective of Anthropology students—their ability to understand complex, unfamiliar and diverse multicultural and material contexts, and to identify how groups adapt to change in those contexts—are valued skills that graduates bring to their future careers in related fields such as education, research, public health and cultural resource management.

The Department’s program in socio-cultural, archaeological and biological anthropology provides students with a breadth of understanding of human life ways, ranging from long-term interactions of humans and their environments to an awareness of how technology and media shape our experience of the world.

Study of Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations in Canada and abroad has led graduates to pursue work with Indigenous communities and other groups working towards reconciliation in Canada.

In addition, Anthropology students learn how to derive knowledge from a number of sources including artefacts, field research and statistics and can use these skills to interpret a wide-range of information.

Through hands-on study in archaeology, biological and visual anthropology, students can important analytical skills that can be applied to careers in research, museums, film, photography and mass media.

Some career options for anthropology majors

Social Policy Research

Library and Archive Technician*

Social Service Worker

Contract Archaeologist

University Professor*


Faunal Analyst

International Agency Representative

Healthcare/ Health Services*

Public Health Educator

Forensic Anthropologist*

Marketing Researcher*

Support Worker for Immigrants and Refugees

Museum Educator/ Curator

Community Worker

Youth Worker

Multiculturalism Educator

Filmmaker, Photographer and other media related occupations

Cultural Impact Assessor

Public Relations Specialist

*Additional education and training may be required.