Associate Dean, Academic Advising

The Associate Dean, Academic Advising works on behalf of the Deans of the Faculties of Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences. The Associate Dean reviews and decides on all requests for academic concession (other than in-course extensions and deferrals) for undergraduate students registered in any of these three faculties. 

A student whose academic performance is affected by valid grounds may request an academic concession

Please consult the current Academic Calendar for the Academic Concession Regulations and Guidelines.

Before you contact the Associate Dean's office, please

  • Review the options below to ensure that you are contacting the appropriate office,
  • Carefully consider and prepare your questions (feel free to bring your notes to appointments), and
  • Ensure that you send the email from your preferred email address listed in Online tools; include your full name and student number in all communications.

Who to consult

To request an academic concession, review the Academic Concession Information page.

To follow up on your request for in-course extension, contact the instructor of the course.

To follow up on your request for deferral, contact the Office of the Registrar at . It is also important to contact the instructor and/or the Department offering the course about the details regarding completion deadlines and in the case when a deferral is approved.

To follow up on your request for late withdrawal, aegrotat or extended deferral, contact the Assistant to the Associate Dean at .

To discuss or appeal the Associate Dean's decision, contact the Assistant to the Associate Dean at .

The office of the Associate Dean, Academic Advising is located within the Academic Advising Centre, housed in the Jamie Cassels Centre building at the University of Victoria.  For additional campus wayfinding, including parking maps, please visit our Maps, Buildings, and Directions information page.