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Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

Safety information for researchers is available on the UVic OHSE website and includes information for:


The UVic Purchasing website has forms and information on the following:

Gas Safety

Follow the guidelines below when using gas cylinders and most hazards can be avoided.  Also read through OHSE Special Hazards

  • Always store cylinders securely - Science Stores sells bench and wall clamps for this purpose.
  • Before moving a cylinder ensure that the regulator is removed and the safety cap is in place.
  • Always use a cart to move cylinders.
  • Toxic gases should only be used in appropriate cabinets or fumehoods.
  • Check that your regulator is connected correctly and test that there are no leaks (CO2 requires a washer).
  • If you notice a leak, close the main valve on the cylinder and repair the leak.
  • Close the main valve when a cylinder is not being used.