Special orders

We can order from just about any company in Canada and any other company worldwide that will ship to Canada. Shipping charges will be more expensive and customs charges will apply for all orders placed outside of Canada.

We can only place orders for the Faculty of Science.

You'll need to fill out aScience Stores requisition form using the fillable PDF form, or the paper copy available from Science Stores. It is recommended that you use Adobe Acrobat to fill out the electronic form. If you have issues saving the form, please print to PDF instead. Once completed print it off, sign it and bring it to stores. We also offer two ways to send it electronically - either by email of Webreq as per these instructions. Here's an example of a completed form, including all the information that we require (either Stores code or FAST account is fine):

stores requisition

For orders over $2500 (or on CFI grants), UVic Purchasing require quotes from multiple sources. Simply fill out their online form (see http://web.uvic.ca/purc/forms.php) and they will get back to you with quotes. Drop off a Science Stores requisition (referencing the RFQ number assigned by purchasing) and a copy of the winning quote and we'll submit the order. If you don't choose to go with the lowest value quote you'll also need to fill out a 'other than low quote recommendation form' and submit that too.

If the required item is only available from one source you'll need to fill out a Science Stores requisition and a 'directed award request form' from Purchasing. Instructions are included with the form.