IMPORTANT: When shipping non-plant biological samples (including DNA and proteins) to the USA, we now require you to choose and specify a USDA GUIDELINE NUMBER from the USDA page found here. Please put the USDA guideline number in Part D of our form.  Two USDA categories require specific information as outlined below.

USDA 1114: Please provide a detailed name or description of the microbe/recominant product, including genetic insert.

USDA 1120: Include a statement which clearly states or identifies:

  • the material as a cell line or another product of a cell line (including monoclonal antibodies);
  • the immunogen (what the monoclonal antibody is directed against), as applicable;
  • the material is for in vitro use OR the material is for in vivo human use;
  • the material does not come from a facility where work with exotic viruses affecting livestock and avian species is conducted; and
  • the material is not recombinant OR the material is recombinant but contains no genes and expresses no products of exotic livestock or poultry disease agents.

European Shipments:
  Please note the European Union requires that ALL shipments to the EU, Northern Ireland, Norway and Switzerland include 1) a minimum six-digit Harmonized System (HS) code for every item in the shipment, 2) an accurate description for each item you are shipping, and 3) the recipient's Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. Please provide #3) in Part A of our shipping form and #1) and #2) in Part D or on a supplementary sheet.

These links can be of service in determining the harmonization code(s) for your shipment. 

General Info:  We can help with your shipping needs, and are authorized to ship dangerous goods around the world (except when/where prohibited). 

For regular sized items**, please allow 3-5 business days for us to process your shipment once an authorized shipping form has been submitted. Giving us a few days notice that you’re planning to ship can help ensure you get the ship date you desire, but please note the clock doesn't start until we've received your completed shipping form.

Please forward the shipping requisition to as early as possible.

Please note: We do not ship documents.  Nor can we ship for private companies or startups working on campus.  Thanks for your understanding.

We require a completed Standard Shipping Form for all outgoing shipments and any shipments you are arranging to UVic on our Fedex account.  Please following the instructions on the form.   Shipments should be dropped off at Stores before 11:00 AM so that we have time to prepare all the necessary documents and packaging.

! Please don't seal up or address your shipment box(es).  We'll want to take a look inside and make sure the internal packaging complies with regulations and best practices.  Where appropriate, we'll also create a To/From label for the outer package.  If your shipment includes containers with screw caps please parafilm or tape the caps so they can't unscrew during transport.

If you are shipping novel chemicals you will also need to fill out our Research Samples Checklist form.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t fill out these pdf forms in your browser window if they pop up there.  They reportedly work better if you save them and fill them out in Adobe. 

If you are shipping multiple pieces of supplies and/or equipment outside of Canada, please fill out this Packing list spreadsheet template.   **We require a minimum 3 weeks notice for shipments involving a pallet (or pallets) of equipment.

Before shipping please check with the appropriate regulator agencies with regards to required permits as permits and other forms are sometimes required and sometimes must be completed by the recipient. Please be aware that it takes time to arrange permits for certain items (e.g. biological substances) and that there are limitations on what is allowed into a country or onto a plane.

Prior to shipping radioactive materials, please contact . You may need to work through us to contact a Hazmat contractor.

Shipments to the USA

Chemical shipments to the US require a Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) form. The negative certification box can be checked as long as your shipment is only for research purposes, as research samples are exempt. For more information visit the US Environmental Protection Agency site.

Useful Contacts

Customs and Brokerage

Stephen Wylie, UVic Purchasing, 250-415-6873

FedEx Shipping Questions

FedEx Customer Service, 1-800-463-3339

General help with Import/Export Permits

UVic OHSE, 250-721-8971

Animal and Plant Shipments to USA

US Fish and Wildlife Service, 1‑800‑344‑WILD
Do I need a Permit?:


If you have any questions about shipping we’re always available to help.