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Whatever your scientific needs, come and talk to us. We're located in Petch 168.

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Lab equipment

Special orders for the Faculty of Science

We can order from just about any company in Canada and any other company worldwide that will ship to Canada.

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Vial of chemical liquid

Our inventory

We stock a wide range of products for all your science needs.

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Helping with your scientific needs

Need to order some stationery for your office, or some chemicals for your latest reaction? Maybe you need some lab equipment or enzymes from the Biobar? Drop by Petch 168 and we'll help you out. 

Looking for something more specialized? We're able to special orders from many companies. To see a list of our preferred vendors please go here.

Also, please check out our Special Orders page for more information on how to submit properly authorized requisitions.

We can also help with most of your shipping needs, including the transportation of dangerous goods, biological samples, and equipment.

Please visit Our Services for more information.

If you have a suggestion for Stores please use our feedback survey.

** Note: Science Stores does not sell items to the general public. We are only authorised to sell items to UVic account holders and their personnel. Also, we can only process special orders, receive incoming goods and ship materials for members of the Faculty of Science. **