Our Services

Science Stores offers the following services:

Sale of Stock Inventory

  • Science Stores maintains an inventory of commonly used chemicals, minor equipment and materials.
  • Stocks are intended to satisfy spontaneous needs.
  • If significant quantities are required advance notice is needed.
  • Though we inventory regularly and order promptly, some stock items get backordered or shipments are delayed.

Assistance in placing special orders

  • For most orders under $5,000 we place orders directly.
  • For orders over $5000 we assist with the creation of web requisitions.
  • Assistance includes limited sourcing and pricing but not product selection.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing all order requests.

Receiving of Materials

  • Science Stores staff are trained in the handling, shipping and receiving of dangerous goods.
  • Science Stores is not intended to receive text books or other print materials.

Shipping of Materials

  • Science Stores staff assist in the shipping of hazardous or other research materials.
  • Science Stores is restricted from shipping printed materials or live animals.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing all shipping requests.

Authorized users of Science Stores

Sciences Stores provides special order, receiving and shipping services to faculty, staff and researchers appointed in the Faculty of Science, Division of Medical Sciences, and Animal Care Units at the University of Victoria.  All special order purchases must be authorized by signing authority delegates on accounts contained within the Faculty of Science.

The sale of stock items is available to anyone on campus who is authorized to make purchases against a valid account in our system.

For a more complete explanation of our services and policies please see our Scope of Services document.