Safety information

All students, staff and faculty are expected to keep the safety of themselves and others in mind when undertaking laboratory or other activities.  This includes preventatively seeking out information, training and advice and reporting safety concerns and incidents.

Information, training and resources can be found at Occupational Health Safety and Environment (OHSE). Resources cover basic hazards and situations you'd find in a lab and on personal safety. 

The University has a number of committees  that review and make recommendations on safety policies and procedures. The science and medicine safety committee is a joint worker-employer committee that plays a key role in promoting a healthy and safe working environment.

In the event of an emergency, seek assistance by calling UVic Security at 250-721-7599 or police, fire and ambulance at 911.

Get to know the university's policies on health and safety and personal safety:

Environmental health and safety policy

Response to At-risk behaviour