Indigenous initiatives

A Message from the Faculty of Science

Indigenous communities have been gathering scientific knowledges since time immemorial and continue to carry vast knowledge about plants, animals, climate, math, astronomy, engineering and medicine. The disciplines of science have taken for granted the primacy of the western approach to science, eschewing Indigenous knowledge systems as well as Indigenous scholars and students.

Mi’kmaq Elders Albert and Murdena Marshall have offered us the teaching of etuaptmumk or Two-Eyed Seeing which brings together the best of western and Indigenous ways of knowing. In this way, we all benefit from viewing science with both eyes open.

The Faculty of Science recognizes the historic and contemporary inequalities that lead to the underrepresentation of Indigenous people in STEM. With leadership from the first Tri-Faculty Indigenous Resurgence Coordinator, the Faculty is committed to making the necessary changes to enable Indigenous students, staff, and faculty to flourish in our programs and research centres.

We encourage Indigenous students to self-identify in their UVic application and to reach out to the Tri-Faculty Indigenous Resurgence Coordinator, Lydia Toorenburgh ( to learn about events and supports and get help with any questions or concerns that they have during their time at UVic.

With resolute commitment,

Peter Loock, Dean, and
Lydia Toorenburgh, Indigenous Resurgence Coordinator

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