We have many talented and hardworking faculty and staff who make UVic Science excel. Each year, the Faculty of Science recognizes a few exceptional faculty and staff members for their outstanding contributions in three categories:

  1. Teaching Excellence
  2. Research Excellence
  3. Staff Excellence


Teaching Excellence

Year Award recipient(s)
2022/2023 Barbara Hawkins (Biology) and Roberta Hamme (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
2021/2022 Violeta Iosub (Chemistry)
2020/2021 Neil Burford (Chemistry) and Adam Monahan (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
2019/2020 Louise Page (Biology) and Christopher Eagle (Mathematics and Statistics)
2018/2019 Mary Lesperance (Mathematics and Statistics)
2017/2018 Gregory Beaulieu (Biology)
2016/2017 Alexandre Brolo (Chemistry)
2015/2016 Patrick von Aderkas (Biology)
2014/2015 Eileen van der Flier-Keller (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
2013/2014 Dante Canil (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
2012/2013 Scott McIndoe (Chemistry)
2011/2012 George Spence (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
2010/2011 Laurence Coogan (Earth and Ocean Sciences) and Gary MacGillivray (Mathematics and Statistics)
2009/2010 Jill Simmons (Mathematics and Statistics) 
2008/2009 Penny Codding (Chemistry)
2007/2008 Alex van Netten (Physics and Astronomy) and Margaret Wyeth (Mathematics and Statistics)
2006/2007 Tom Fyles (Chemistry) and Barbara Currie (Biochemistry and Microbiology)
2005/2006 Stan Dosso (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
2004/2005 Edward Ishiguro (Biochemistry and Microbiology) and David Berg (Chemistry)
2003/2004 David J. Leeming (Mathematics and Statistics)
2002/2003 Richard Ring (Biology) and Michel Lefebvre (Physics and Astronomy)
2001/2002 Francis Choy (Biology)
2000/2001 Walter Balfour (Chemistry)
1999/2000 Ann C. Gower (Physics and Astronomy)
1998/1999 J. Thomas Buckley (Biochemistry and Microbiology)
1997/1998 Reginald H. Mitchell (Chemistry)
1996/1997 Gerald A. Poulton (Chemistry)
1995/1996 Bruce R. Johnson (Mathematics and Statistics)
1994/1995 Terry W. Pearson (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Research Excellence

Year Award recipient(s)
2022/2023 David Goluskin (Mathematics and Statistics)
2021/2022 Ruobing Dong (Physics and Astronomy) and Ed Nissen (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
2020/2021 Magdalena Bazalova-Carter (Physics and Astronomy)
2019/2020 Jeremy Wulff (Chemistry)
2018/2019 John Burke (Biochemistry & Microbiology)
2017/2018 Fraser Hof (Chemistry)
2016/2017 Colin Goldblatt (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
2015/2016 Julia Baum (Biology)
2014/2015 Boualem Khouider (Mathematics & Statistics)
2013/2014 Rogerio de Sousa (Physics & Astronomy)
2012/2013 Pavel Kovtun (Physics and Astronomy)
2011/2012 Marty Boulanger (Biochemistry and Microbiology)
2010/2011 Jody Klymak (School of Earth and Ocean Sciences/Physics and Astronomy)
2009/2010 Adam Monahan (School of Earth and Ocean Sciences) and Alexandre Brolo (Chemistry)
2008/2009 Sara Ellison (Physics and Astronomy)
2007/2008 Byoung-Chul Choi (Physics and Astronomy)
2006/2007 Alisdair Boraston (Biochemistry and Microbiology)
2005/2006 Robert Kowalewski (Physics and Astronomy)
2004/2005 Robin Hicks (Chemistry)
2003/2004 Arif Babul (Physics and Astronomy)
2002/2003 Julio Navarro (Physics and Astronomy)
2001/2002 Cornelia Bohne (Chemistry)
2000/2001 Brad Anholt (Biology)

Staff Excellence

Year Award recipient(s)
2022/2023 Sandra Carlson (Chemistry) and Neville Winchester (Biology)
2021/2022 Karun Thanjavur (Physics and Astronomy)
2020/2021 Stanislav Konorov (Chemistry)
2019/2020 Nicolas Braam (Physics and Astronomy)
2018/2019 Carol Anne Sargent (Mathematics and Statistics)
2017/2018 Mike Delsey (Biology)
2016/2017 Duncan Johannessen (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
2015/2016 Elaine Cumming (Mathematics and Statistics)
2014/2015 Sean Adams (Chemistry)
2013/2014 Kelly Choo (Mathematics and Statistics)
2012/2013 Jody Spence (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
2011/2012 Neil Honkanen (Physics and Astronomy)
2010/2011 Janice Gough (Biology) and David Nelles (Earth and Ocean Sciences)