Communicating research


Communicating the results of your research to the public is an important part of the knowledge creation process.

News stories about your research:

  • demonstrate the societal value of your work
  • help attract other researchers and top students to UVic
  • show that the public’s tax dollars are being well-spent.

Stories in the news media also tell elected representatives, granting agency officials, and potential partners and funders what you’ve done with current research funding and what you could accomplish with more.

Is your research “newsworthy”?

  • Does the research have clear and significant public interest potential?
  • Can the research be easily explained to a lay audience?
  • Is the research sufficiently advanced enough that you can discuss some observations or results?
  • Are there good visuals?
  • Are you willing and available to be the spokesperson?

Tips for successful print media interviews

  • Know your medium. Print or online?
  • Know your market—Local, national or international? What section will the story be in?
  • Know what you want to say—have a few key points to make and keep coming back to them.
  • Keep your answers concise and simple. Avoid academic language or complex scientific terms. Use explanations that anyone will understand.
  • Know your limits—if you aren’t comfortable answering a question, don’t. Take the conversation back to your key points.

Tips for successful broadcast media interviews

  • For TV, what visual best illustrates your research?
  • What is the goal of your research and how it will be useful?
  • Are there people involved with your research who are willing to go on camera?
  • What everyday examples can explain the goal or impact of your research? E.g., project X could save $2 million in health care costs.
  • Is your research local or part of a larger effort?

More tips and resources

UVic Communications + Marketing can help

For advice and assistance with communicating your research, contact UVic Communications and Marketing at 250-721-7636 or email

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