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Innovate to make a difference

Sahar Sam holds a solar cell.

Research excellence and innovation is at the heart of the University of Victoria. We know that community-based research and partnerships are vital to making a difference.

We’re providing space for researchers to expand their community networks. Our research experts are connected with business, government and community partners. Technology partnerships benefit from our support and access to funding programs.

UVic is making its mark as a regional hub for technology and knowledge-based businesses. Innovation at UVic is growing.

"Universities have a responsibility to support the communities in which we live and work, and the pandemic has made this more vital than ever. UVic is well-positioned to contribute leadership and expertise to innovative local initiatives that support community resilience and collaboration."
–Kevin Hall, UVic President and Vice-Chancellor

Connect. Collaborate.

The Coast Capital Innovation Centre (CCIC) is UVic's on-campus venture incubator. It provides students, staff, faculty and alumni with access to the support, mentorship and skills needed to contribute to and thrive in the economy.

One of the collaborate workspaces at KWENCH


UVic at KWENCH is a place in downtown Victoria where students, faculty, alumni and the wider community can access entrepreneurial programming. Local businesses can connect, partner and collaborate with UVic.

Photo: James Jones Photography

researcher in lab

UVic BioInnovation Hub

UVic's BioInnovation Hub is a shared workspace in Saanich that supports innovators working in the life sciences sector. Entrepreneurs can access university expertise, equipment and tools, showcase their technologies and share resources.

UVic knowledge is UVic impact

At UVic, we provide solutions and focus on making an impact on people, places and the planet. It is in our DNA: our research, innovation and connections help communities to thrive. We aim to benefit society through the advancement and application of knowledge.


Patents filed


Start-ups supported


Investment funds raised

Sahar Sam

Quest to harness sun’s energy

Sahar Sam utilized the connections she gained through W Venture for entrepreneurial women and the Coast Capital Innovation Centre to help launch Solaires Entreprises Inc., a cleantech company  developing solar cell technology.


Open BC climate solutions research gets $900K lift from PICS

BC climate solutions research gets $900K lift from PICS

Five research teams, two based at UVic, receive $180,000 each from the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions’ Opportunity Project Program.

Building knowledges, building communities

A $1-million, four-year research project funded by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions centres what rural, remote and Indigenous communities need to flourish despite climate challenges.

Open Advancing Canada’s science and innovation for ocean protection

Advancing Canada’s science and innovation for ocean protection

Canada’s advancement of ocean science and innovation continues to go from strength-to-strength with the expansion of Ocean Networks Canada’s world-leading deep sea and coastal ocean observatories...

Open Accelerate innovation at UVic KWENCH

Accelerate innovation at UVic KWENCH

UVic alumna Sahar Sam’s started a cleantech company, Solaires Entreprises Inc., thanks to her PhD and postdoctoral studies at UVic, including the entrepreneurial and innovation opportunities the...

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