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Community-university partnerships are a collaborative approach to research and knowledge mobilization that involve diverse partners in meaningful relationships rooted in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and in honouring Indigenous ways of knowing and being. The underlying feature of community-university research partnerships is reciprocity—where all partners benefit from the relationship as they work together to co-create, share and apply knowledge for more sustainable, just and healthy communities.

What we do

The Community Research Partnerships office supports ideas and innovation grounded in issues, opportunities and applications to help solve real world problems. We will help you to explore and refine your ideas for research, connect your expertise with UVic research expertise that is best suited for your project, support you to learn about and apply to funding opportunities, and work together to develop effective ways to co-create knowledge that will make a positive difference to policy, programs and practice.

Another way you can collaborate with UVic is through knowledge mobilization (KMb). Knowledge mobilization includes a range of activities in which researchers and non-academic partners build awareness, share findings and enable the use of research for greater impact. More simply put, knowledge mobilization refers to getting the “right information” to the “right people” in the “right format” at the “right time”.

Connect with us to

  • Find a match with the right academic expert
  • Discover how to best leverage research contributions
  • Obtain information about funding opportunities
  • Manage intellectual property and research agreements
  • Translate research into real world applications

More information

Interested in exploring a research idea or question? Tell us about your research idea and we'll try to help connect you to the right people to move your project forward.

Contact us

Jen Kyffin, Community Liaison

Sara Kissinger, Community Partnerships Assistant

For general community research-academic inquiries, contact

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