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Zuomin Dong (Mechanical Engineering)

The next time you’re on a ferry, pay attention to its movement as it turns—take note of the wind & the current. These are all factors being studied by mechanical engineer Zuomin Dong & UVic’s Clean Transportation Research Team as they work to cut down on the environmental impacts of marine vessels in our oceans.

view of school of fish underwater

 “We are trying to introduce the tools for finding a solution that cuts down emissions, and the negative impact shipping is having on our marine life. And at the same time, we are also trying to help companies to reduce their operational costs by improving fuel efficiency.” 


Zuomin Dong

Dr. Zuomin Dong’s research tackles green transportation challenges head-on. His team advances energy solutions for vehicular & marine transportation, including heavy-duty marine & mining applications.

The UVic Clean Transportation Technology Team improves hybrid-electric technologies for cleaner, lower-cost fuel alternatives. This helps the industry meet emission targets, reduces costs & protects the environment.

Dong is also the driving force behind UVic’s Green Vehicle Research, Testing and Training Centre, a first in Western Canada. The Green Garage is a testing lab for researchers focused on improving energy technologies.

Working closely with Seaspan through the Washington Foundation, UVic’s Clean Transportation Team is taking long-range concerns facing the industry & finding solutions that will produce more fuel efficient, cleaner & quieter marine vessels. “Instead of purely academic research, we are working on commercially viable technology.”