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Committees & boards

Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is chaired by the Vice-President Research and Innovation (VPRI). Its main purpose is to advise the Office of the VPRI. It also gives important information to faculty members and helps raise the internal and external profile of research at UVic. Its membership broadly reflects the key facets of research at UVic.

Membership includes associate deans of research (or equivalent) from each faculty and the directors of each of UVic’s research centres and research entities.

RAC facilitates collaboration between academic units and research centres.

Its role is particularly important as we implement Aspiration 2030 and move forward with several key research initiatives.

Chair: Dr. Lisa Kalynchuk, Vice-President Research and Innovation (VPRI)

Secretary: Dr. Kaitlyn Roland, Director Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation

RAC membership 2023/24:

  • Lisa Kalynchuk – Vice President Research & Innovation
  • Cynthia Milton – Associate Vice-President Research
  • Fraser Hof – Associate Vice-President Research
  • Joaquin Trapero – Director Strategic Research Intiatives, OVPRI
  • Kaitlyn Roland – Director, Office of the Vice President Research & Innovation (Committee support)

  • Colin Bradley – Associate Dean Research, Engineering
  • Mauricio Garcia-Barrera – Acting Associate Dean Research, Social Sciences
  • Laura Cowen – Associate Dean Research, Science
  • Alexandra D'Arcy – Associate Dean Research, Humanities
  • Roy Suddaby – Associate Dean Research and Faculty Renewal, Business
  • Paul Whitinui – Acting Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research, Education
  • Geoff Loomer – Associate Dean Administration and Research, Law
  • Nathan Lachowsky – Associate Dean Research, Human and Social Development
  • Joseph Salem (delegate) – Associate Dean, Fine Arts
  • Cedric Littlewood – Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
  • Lisa Goddard – Associate University Librarian, Digital Scholarship & Strategy
  • Brian Christie – Faculty Representative
  • Nathan Lachowsky – CIHR Representative
  • Julia Baum – NSERC Representative
  • Alexandra D'Arcy – SSHRC Representative

  • Paul Bramadat – Director, Centre for Studies in Religion and Society (CSRS)
  • Curran Crawford – Accelerating Community Energy Transformation (ACET)
  • Jurgen Ehlting – Director, Centre for Forest Biology (FORB)
  • Frederick Grouzet – Director, Centre for Youth and Society (CFYS)
  • Rishi Gupta – Director, Centre for Advanced Materials and Related Technology (CAMTEC)
  • Nathan Lachowsky – Director, Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health (IALH)
  • Ian Mauro – Executive Director, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS)
  • Timothy Naimi – Director, Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (CISUR)
  • Victor V. Ramraj – Director, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI)
  • Andrew Rowe – Director, Institute for Integrated Energy Systems (IESVic)
  • OIiver Schmidtke – Director, Centre for Global Studies (CFGS)
  • Natalie Slawinski – Director, Centre for Social & Sustainable Innovation (CSSI)
  • Randall Sobie – Director, Victoria Subatomic Physics & Accelerator Research Centre (VISPA)
  • Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark – Director, Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-Led Engagement (CIRCLE)
  • Jessica Stigant – ONC representative
  • Kim Venn – Director, Astronomy Research Centre (ARC)
  • Xuebin Zhang – Director, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC)

Human Research Ethics Board

Research that involves human participants, human biological samples and data (secondary use) must receive approval from the Human Research Ethics Board (HREB). This approval is needed before recruitment and data collection with participants and before collecting or accessing samples or secondary use data.

HREB ensures that all human research is conducted with the highest ethical standards. They ensure that the public, participants, communities, the researchers and UVic are protected from risk of harm.

Animal Care Committee

All laboratory or field-based research that involves animals must receive approval from the Animal Care Committee (ACC). This approval is required both before and throughout the study period.

The ACC ensures that all research with animals is conducted with the highest ethical and humane standards by following the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) polices, guidelines, relevant standards and legislation. They ensure that the animals, the public, the researchers and UVic are protected from harm.

President’s Advisory Committee on External Awards & Honours

The President’s Advisory Committee on External Awards and Honours is managed by the Office of the VPRI. The committee provides advice to the President of UVic on potential nominees for external awards. The VPRI, or a designate, is always a member of the committee.