Training and user support

Faculty and staff can enjoy thorough support and training on many available UVic systems.

Student information systems supported by OREG

Registrar Information Systems (RISS) troubleshoots, supports, and grants access to many student-related systems. We've described the most broadly-used ones below. If you have questions about these systems, contact

Your supervisor (or their delegate) can request access for you at

Training resources are available at, and you can contact for individual or small-group training. 

Applicant Information Review System (AIRS)

AIRS is a web-based tool that consolidates application for admission information from a variety of sources and displays it in one easy-to-navigate system. Currently, AIRS is available to all graduate program admission committees and all undergraduate special-admit programs.

Find this system here: AIRS

Banner Advisor Services

Advisor Services is a tool available through MyPage that is used by academic advisers and support staff to view student general and academic information, to add and drop courses and to drop waitlisted courses. Currently, Advisor Services is available to all undergraduate academic advisers as well as staff within the Office of the Registrar.

Find this system here: log in to Online tools and select Advisor Services

Banner Document Management (BDM or Xtender)

BDM, also known as Xtender, is a tool used to view electronic copies of student documents. Currently, BDM is available to all staff who need to review documents as part of the admission selection process. Staff within the Office of the Registrar use BDM to view admission and record documents.

BDM/Xtender will launch when opening documents within Banner Student or AIRS.

Find this system here: BDM/Xtender

Banner Student

Banner Student is used to query and manage student records and information. Access to this system is strictly controlled based on the job duties of the staff member. Banner Student is primarily used within the Office of the Registrar to manage and maintain student records; and within departments to manage student registration including wait lists. 

Find this system here: Banner


Connect is UVic’s current version of SharePoint. RISS provides administrative support for the Office of the Registrar’s Connect sites (including the OREG Campus Community site), including permission management, list/library/site creation in shared areas, and documentation. Desktop Support Services grants general access to Connect. 

Find the OREG Campus Community page here: OREG Campus Community

Custom Form Generator

CFG is a reporting tool used to track and process requests for documentation submitted online by students through their MyPage portal. These documents include study permit information letters, degree completion letters and certificates of degree completion.

Find this system here: log in to Online tools > select Student Services > select Online Request Forms

Data Capture Utility (DCU)

DCU is the web-based tool used to submit course and timetable information. The DCU is available to those departmental staff responsible for submitting departmental timetable information.

DeclareMe Timely Program Declaration (TPD)

The TPD portal is an application used by the Academic Advising Centre to process requests for program declaration. Students in Humanities, Science or Social Sciences submit their RDP through their My page portal.

Find this system here: log in to Online tools > select Student Services > select Grades & Records > select Program Declaration or Change

FAST Student

FAST Student is a reporting tool for academic and administrative departments. Reports are available for course information, registration, student information, admissions, grading and convocation. Instructors submit grades through FAST Student for approval before being submitted to the Office of the Registrar for inclusion in student records. 

Find this system here: log in to UVic > select Online tools  > select FAST  > select Student Reporting

Student Self-Reporting

Student self-reporting is a web-based tool that allows staff to view and interact with the self-reported grades of applicants for admission who are current Canadian high school students (including offshore Canadian high schools). Currently, it is available to some Office of the Registrar staff and some staff in departments with selective programs.

Transfer Credit System (TCS)

TCS is a database used to store transfer credit equivalencies for courses taken elsewhere and their UVic equivalents. As final grades from courses taken elsewhere do not appear on the students’ UVic record, TCS is where users can view the final grades obtained at the other institution (for prerequisite purposes or to satisfy program requirements).

Find this system here: Transfer Credit System


Viewcat is a reporting tool used within the Office of the Registrar. It contains many of the same reports which are found in FAST Student as well as additional reports about the timetable, awards, convocation and registration statistics.

Find this system here: Viewcat

Work Study Tracking

Work Study Tracking is a web-based tool that allows staff in Student Awards and Financial Aid to administer the work study program.