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Your NetLink ID account provides you with secure and seamless access to the UVic online resources you need to learn and work. Signing into UVic allows you the convenience of only needing to enter your username and passphrase once per session. Enabling multi-factor authentication on your NetLink ID through UVic MFA provides an extra layer of account security to help protect your privacy and the security of information important to you and to UVic.

What is UVic MFA?

UVic MFA strengthens NetLink account security by requiring a second factor when you login to online services. The first factor we use is a passphrase – something you know. The second factor is something you have – such as a device in your possession. UVic MFA uses a quick, simple push system through a mobile app to verify you have the device. 

This video provides a quick overview of what is MFA and how it works. For a more in depth explanation of the UVic MFA implementation this video is also available.

How does it work?

Once you enable UVic MFA on your NetLink ID, you will be prompted for additional verification when you login to protected online services. To learn more, check out the UVic MFA in 60 seconds video.

Why do I need UVic MFA?

MFA is a critical tool to protect your accounts and information by providing an additional layer of protection if someone gets a hold of your passphrase. This additional security prevents them from logging in as you—even if they have your passphrase. For this to work, everyone must enroll in UVic MFA.

Kevin Hall - President & Vice-Chancellor

A passphrase alone is not enough. Most data breaches start with a stolen passphrase. The extra layer of security that MFA adds will help protect your account and your information from malicious attackers.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for UVic MFA


Need help?

Our help & support section covers common problems including enrollment instructions, mobile device compatibility, troubleshooting, and more.

To learn more about the UVic MFA service implementation & related policies, see the University Systems service catalogue and the UVic MFA Terms of Service.

Information security

UVic MFA helps us protect against attempts to steal information entrusted to our care, including financial data and student and employee records. Using UVic MFA, we can help to prevent:

  • Attempts to change your payroll or financial aid direct deposit settings without your knowledge
  • Criminals attempting to commit identity fraud
  • Unauthorized access to your applications and personal information contained within

It is important for you to remember the following to prevent others from accessing your account and services:

  • Enable UVic MFA for an additional layer of account security. 
  • Remember to sign out of your Online tools account because navigating away from a UVic website will not automatically sign you out of UVic.
  • Never share your passphrase with anyone for any reason.
  • Ensure you have a strong passphrase that is hard for others to guess.
  • If you feel your account has been compromised change your passphrase immediately.
  • Sign in/out attempts are logged for monitoring, operational and troubleshooting purposes.
  • Only use the "keep me signed in for 8 hours" and "remember my NetLink ID" on secure computers where you have sole access and that are in a secure location. Do not use them in a computer lab, an internet cafe, or on a shared account on a home computer.

For further details please refer to the University of Victoria's Information Security Policy - IM7800


Report a problem

The University Systems Computer Help Desk is your primary point of contact for computing service and support at the University of Victoria. Please visit the Computer Help Desk for reporting problems and checking system status.

Additional information

Our commitment to your security and privacy

  • We maintain strict control over who can access your personal information
  • We help keep your personal information safe if your identity information is lost or stolen
  • We collect only personal information for the services you need access to

Signing in and your privacy

Your NetLink ID is your online identification at the University of Victoria. NetLink IDs can be used to access the computing services and applications which use the Sign in Service. Signing into UVic means you just need to enter your NetLink username and password once for most services on campus.

Protect your NetLink ID username and passphrase
Remember to sign out!

It is your responsibility to protect your account by ensuring you are signed out before leaving your computer.

Policies and guidelines

By signing in you will be authorized to access your applications and websites that use the Sign in to UVic service. Use is subject to but not limited to the following policies and guidelines:

For further information, see the listing of University Policies.