Exam information for instructors

Exam submission: final copy

The original copy of an exam must be submitted with the salmon "Exam Control/Order Form" to the Office of the Registrar five (5) working days prior (no exceptions) to the scheduled date of the examination, attention: 

Examination Clerk, Office of the Registrar — CONFIDENTIAL

General exam information

Instructions and submissions

Exam invigilators

Exam pick up

Location: Room A109, University Centre, Main Floor (Office of the Registrar)

Pick up hours: Monday to Friday, 8:15am – 4:00pm


  • Photo identification will be required from all invigilators*.
  • Exams not picked up within the above hours will be held at Campus Security.
  • Exams should be checked before leaving the Office of the Registrar.

*If the above designate is unable to pick up the exam, invigilators are responsible for making arrangements for substitution. Changes MUST be reported to the Exam Clerk by email at exams@uvic.ca well in advance of changes.

Exam cancellations

To cancel scheduled examinations, notify the Examination Clerk - Office of the Registrar, by email immediately:

Cancel an exam:

Special arrangements

Students with disabilities

For students registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL), please indicate on your Exam Arrangement Form that “CAL staff will pick up” the exam at the Office of the Registrar.  If you are preparing your own exam you must supply CAL with a copy of the exam. 

  • Contact CAL at 250-472-4947.

Accommodation of Religious Observance

See the academic calendar for more information.

Grade submission deadlines

Please note the grade submission deadlines are as follows:

  • Seven (7) calendar days after the end of classes for courses that  do not have a final examination as noted in the calendar.
  • Seven (7) calendar days after the examination is written for those courses that have a final examination.

In cases where the due date for the last assignment is after the last day of classes or the final examination date, the grades should be submitted seven (7) calendar days after the due date for the assignment.

While we realize that strict adherence to the seven (7) calendar day deadline may not be possible in all cases, your cooperation in submitting grades as close to these deadlines as possible is requested.

Late and overdue grades may affect students’ eligibility for graduation, scholarships, awards, admission to Graduate programs, eligibility to reregister, and the ability to meet the Faculty and Senate approval dates for Convocation. For these reasons, it is critical that instructors submit grades by the Senate deadlines.

Exam storage

The Office of the Registrar can collect your exams for storage and viewing. If you wish to store your exams in our office, please see the detailed instructions.