Loading sheet instructions

  1. Columns 1-5 contain information from the ViewCat report (emailed) indicating courses offered this term. Review columns 1-5, ensure all courses and sections are listed accurately (especially cross listed and yearlong).

  2. If items or names are missing/incorrect, please add/correct the information to ensure it is captured on the preliminary timetable when published.

  3. To ensure clarity in reading the loading sheets, please limit formatting modifications as they are reformatted after submission.

  4. Keep "remarks" brief and include a memo (either by additional attachment or campus mail) when extensive details are necessary.

  5. Enter the following into the appropriate column on the loading sheet:

Variable Column Description
Cross-listed, same (s) or with (w) 4
  • Indicate in the Cross Listed/With column which sections and/or courses, including Graduate courses, will write the Same exam; or if 2 different exams wish to be held together (Prof. teaches different courses but wants them held at the same time-With).
  • If there is a suspicious lack of X-listed courses from the report noted, please check them closely.
Instructor 5
  • The instructor of the course is listed. 
  • A maximum of 6 additional names may be included on a separate page. 
  • These names should only include those who have permission to pick up the final exam and any invigilators who may be assisting in the actual exam. 
  • Please correct any discrepancies that you notice in spelling of names.
300+ 6
  • Enter total number registered in this column (only if the class has over 300 students)
Y/N 7
  • Indicate with a Y or N if an exam is to be formally scheduled by the Office of the Registrar. 
  • If you are not sure, indicate Y – it’s easier to cancel than add exams to the schedule.
Hours 8
  • Indicate the duration of the exam.
  • Rooms are normally booked for 3 hour blocks but this information is especially critical for exams held in the Gym.
  • The duration in this column must agree with the time specified on the exam paper when submitted.
Room request 9
  • All rooms used are based on a 2:1 ratio (the room will hold twice the number of students registered in the course).
  • Indicate your special rooming requirements in this column.  Examples include:  GYM only; VDP required; TABLES & CHAIRS (indicate a classroom); DESKS (indicate the Gym); Not Gym; Gym by rows (if you want a multi-sectioned course roomed by section in the Gym)
Date/time request 10
  • State any date/time requests.
  • All requests must be accompanied by a Dean’s approval memo (separate attachment or campus mail).
  • Exception: day time and evening time
App 11 Do not use: a check column for the exam clerk.

Important notes:

  • Changes in instructors or invigilators must be reported to the Exam clerk, OREG (). Only invigilators listed on the "final exam timetable" will be permitted to pick up exams. Photo identification will be required from all invigilators.

  • Information submitted on the loading sheets is used for the exam timetable, invigilation lists and room schedules.  Please check all submissions closely for accuracy and completeness.

  • Return your loading sheets electronically including approval memos and special requests to the exam clerk by the date specified in the email.