Loading sheet instructions

Complete the loading sheet and return to the Office of the Registrar via email before the submission deadline.

  1. Columns 1, 2, 3, and 5 contain information from the list of all courses offered this term. Please ensure all courses and sections are listed accurately.
  2. If any course(s) or section(s) are missing/incorrect, please update the information in red and check to ensure it is captured on the preliminary timetable when published.
  3. Please limit formatting modifications as all loading sheets are reformatted after submission.

Important notes

  • Changes in instructors or invigilators must be reported to the Exam clerk, OREG (). Only invigilators listed on the "final exam timetable" will be permitted to pick up exams. Photo identification will be required from all invigilators.
  • Information submitted on the loading sheets is used for the exam timetable, invigilation lists and room schedules.  Please check all submissions closely for accuracy and completeness.
  • Return your loading sheets electronically including approval memos and special requests to the exam clerk by the date specified in the email.

Sample loading sheet

Loading sheet column descriptions

All exams

1-3: Course, SEC, CRN

  • These columns list the course code (e.g. ANTH 100), section number (e.g. A01) and CRN (e.g. 10091).
  • Please ensure all courses and sections are listed accurately.

4: Cross listed, Same (S) or With (W)

  • Indicate "S" if courses with multiple sections are writing the same exam at the same time.
  • Indicate "W" if two different courses or sections wish to be scheduled at the same time, but students are writing different exams.

5: Instructor

  • This column indicates the instructor.
  • Please ensure all courses and sections are listed accurately.

6: Exam scheduled by OREG

  • Enter "Y" if the exam will be formally scheduled by OREG.
  • Enter "N" if the exam will not be scheduled by OREG.

9: Will you be delivering the exam face-to-face or online?

  • Select the exam delivery type from the dropdown menu:
    • F2F: face-to-face exam offered on campus at UVic
    • Online: exam will be offered online

15: Any additional info about the exam (optional)

  • Enter any additional information that OREG should know about the exam.

16: Special date/time request (optional)

  • Request specific dates and/or times (e.g. not on Sundays, December 9-11 only).
  • Approval is not required for day-time and evening-time requests. All other requests must be accompanied by a dean’s approval memo (attached to your submission).

Face-to-face exams only

7: Exam duration in hours

  • Indicate the duration of the exam in hours for face-to-face, synchronous timed exams.
  • The standard exam duration is three (3) hours.

8: Room request (optional)

  • Request a specific room or setup for face-to-face, synchronous timed exams
  • Examples: Tables and chairs, Gym or classroom, Gym by rows

Online exams only

10: What format do you plan to use to deliver your exam?

  • Select the exam format from the dropdown menu (Same-day open book, Multi-day open book, Flexibly timed, Synchronous timed).
  • For more information on exam formats, refer to the Learn Anywhere website: Considerations for different types of online exams.
  • If you have questions about which exam format is best for your class, please contact ltsisupport@uvic.ca.

11: Exam duration in hours

  • Flexibly timed and synchronous timed exams
    • Indicate the duration in hour for flexibly timed and synchronously timed exams.
    • The standard exam duration is 3 hours.
  • Same-day and multi-day exams
    • Indicate "N/A" for same-day and multi-day exams.

12: Exam duration in days

  • Same-day and multi-day exams
    • Indicate the duration of the same-day or multi-day exam in days.
  • Flexibly timed and synchronous timed exams
    • Indicate "N/A" for flexibly timed and synchronous timed exams.

13: Access period in days

  • Flexibly timed exams
    • Indicate the access period in days (i.e., for how many days will the exam be available for students to access online).
  • All other exams
    • Indicate "N/A" for the access period.

14: Which tool will you be using to deliver your online exam?

  • If the exam is online, indicate which tools you will use to deliver it.
  • List all that apply (e.g. Brightspace, Zoom, Crowdmark or other).