Exam formatting guide

Information required on the front of all exams

For ease of identifying exams during the exam period as well as for viewing and storage purposes, please format the front page of all exams in the following manner:

  2. Exam period (month and year)
  3. The cover page must include:
    • Title: as found in the University Calendar
    • Course, section and CRN
    • Course name, number and section (if applicable) on each page
    • Instructor's name
    • Duration of exam
    • Pages in total (include page numbers on each page)
    • How the exam should be answered
    • END on last page
    • Special material  the student is permitted to access

Download a sample cover page: PDF  |  Word document

Exam format and materials

  • The original copy should be provided on standard, white 8 ½” x11” or 8½” x 14”, if required

  • The original copy should be created in the following format: minimum ½” border on top, bottom and sides; and closely proofread. Use black ink for drawings as any drawings done in pencil will not appear clearly when copied

  • All exams will be printed back-to-back except if single sided is selected on the exam control/order form

  • Students should be advised by instructors to supply their own ‘HB’ pencils or/and pens

  • The Office of the Registrar does not hold stocks of logarithmic tables, graph paper, etc.  When students are to use such materials, this should be indicated on the exam paper, and the instructor should ensure in advance that the material is made available to the Examination Clerk