Timetable Development Information & Timelines


The Process

Academic Timetable and Scheduling is the process (referred to as, “the timetabling process”) for the development and publication of future academic timetables for the University of Victoria as well as the continued maintenance of current and past academic timetables. The Office of the Registrar is administratively responsible for managing the timetabling process for the University of Victoria.

The Group

The Academic Timetable and Scheduling team (hereafter referred to as, ‘ATS’) refers to the team within Registrar Information Systems (RISS) unit, of the Office of the Registrar (OREG), that leads the timetabling process. ATS maintains a relationship with a departmental contact within each academic department to facilitate the maintenance of existing and the development of new academic timetables. It is the role of the departmental contact to request timetable course section via the Data Capture Utility (DCU) for rooming and scheduling by ATS.

The following web pages outline timetable developing information, upcoming timelines, as well as training and related resources related to the timetabling process.


Summer Session Timelines

  • November 15 through December 1, 2021: DCU is open for academic departments to enter their timetable requests for the Summer 2022 timetable
  • The Summer timetable will be published approximately February 15, 2022.

Winter Session Timelines

  • Dates will be published here when available. 

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