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Grade submission deadlines

It is critical that instructors submit grades by the Senate deadlines. Late and overdue grades may affect students' eligibility for graduation, scholarships, awards, admission to graduate programs, eligibility to reregister, and the ability to meet the faculty and senate approval dates for convocation.

The grade submission deadlines are as follows:

  • Seven (7) calendar days after the end of classes for courses that do not have a final examination as noted in the calendar.
  • Seven (7) calendar days after the examination is written for those courses that have a final examination.
  • Seven (7) calendar days after the due date for the final assignment, for courses where the final assignment is due after the last day of classes or the final examination.

While we realize that strict adherence to the seven (7) calendar day deadline may not be possible in all cases, your cooperation in submitting grades as close to these deadlines as possible is requested.

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Percentage grading system

As of Summer Session 2014 (term 201405), grades are now being submitted as a percentage rather than a letter grade. This change, approved by Senate in May 2013, moved UVic in line with other Canadian post-secondary institutions, and improved the interpretation of grades at UVic, across Canada and internationally.


  • The percentage grade, the corresponding letter grade and comparative grading information are displayed on the student's official and administrative transcripts.
  • UVic's 9-point scale remains as the basis for grade point average calculations and assessment of academic standing.
  • Comparative grading information appears on the transcript for classes graded with percentage grades that have 6 or more registered students. Courses not graded with percentage grades do not show comparative grading information for the section. In addition, Law courses do not display comparative grading information.

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