Training & resources

  • DCU timetable submissions page: Access training resources for entering timetable submissions in the web-based Data Capture Utility (DCU)
  • CUS history reports: View archived Course Update System (CUS) reports which are lists of all courses offered at UVic before the Banner Enterprise Software was in place (200805).
  • Policy No. BP3440: Read the University of Victoria's Policy on External Bookings of University Space


Registration dates and deadlines An overview of key registration dates and deadlines, including information on non-standard dates
Timetable sequence pattern - Winter session The official timetable sequence pattern for UVic’s Winter Session (First Term: September – December; Second Term: January – April)

Timetable sequence pattern - Summer session

Timetable sequence pattern - Summer session K section

The official timetable sequence patterns for UVic’s Summer Session (Summer Terms: May – August)
Department meeting space request This form can be used to request academic unit departmental meeting space via

Academic restricted & priority room list

Course Scheduling Room Capacities

These reports list the rooms used in the timetabling process by ATS

Standard timetable comments - Summer and Winter

Mandatory timetable comments and formatting instructions for custom timetable comments

Standard dates - Summer session

Standard start and end dates for the summer session parts of term (updated annually).