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Cecilia Rose


UVic Global Community

Office: JCC B202d 250-721-6361

Tips for Success

One tip that I would offer new international students starting their program at UVic is… Do not feel too intimidated to ask for help! It can be overwhelming to start your degree and you may feel like “everyone knows more than me so I have to hide this fact to fit in”. Firstly, this is not the case; everyone has something that they can contribute to this community. Secondly, there are so many resources at UVic; be humble, you just need to ask them for support. Talk to your professors in office hours and tell them what you are struggling with in class. Reach out to the Centre for Academic Communication for writing and presenting support. Ask a librarian for help with your research topic. In addition, if you do not know whom to turn to, reach out to International Centre for Student; they can point you in the right direction.

One of the best ways for international students to get connected during their time at UVic would be… The UVic Global Community! The part of my role that I love the most is connecting new students with someone who becomes important to them during their time at UVic. Perhaps it is someone who becomes a friend, a mentor, or just an initial support, but I really enjoy observing people finding a sense of belonging and family through our programs.

Student Sucess Tip: Get involved! The benefit of UVic is that learning takes place at all levels of this campus. Find a way to contribute to this community whether it is academic, service, or fun. There are hundreds of clubs and course unions, research opportunities, and volunteer positions. I promise this is a great way meet new people and learn more than you could have expected!


I have a passion for bringing people together, learning about other cultures, and fighting social isolation! I joined the International Centre for Services team in 2018 and my favourite part of my job is introducing new international students to fabulous Global Community volunteers and watching the relationships develop! When I was a UVic student completing my Undergraduate program I became deeply involved with UVic’s World University Services of Canada (WUSC) Local Committee which facilitated the Student Refugee Program. Not only did it initially introduce me to the incredible international community here at UVic, but it also allowed me to travel and work in Malawi for six months while I developed and facilitated Canadian Culture and University Prep modules for students at Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Always feel welcome to reach out and chat with me!


I enjoy baking, cooking, dancing, music, building community, and meeting people from around the world. I also love hiking around the beautiful forests of British Columbia!

Fun fact

I almost always have several books on the go at one time and one of my greatest joys in life is reading on a beach. I am always looking for good book recommendations.