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Tricia Best


International Centre for Students


Tips for Success

One tip that I would offer new international students starting their program at UVic is... To take advantage of the many programs and resources available to support students at UVic. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Getting adjusted and finding your way in a new country and a new educational system can take some time. There are many people and departments here to help support your personal and academic journey at UVic. At ISS we are here to support you and help you connect with your campus community.

One of the best ways for international students to get connected during their time at UVic would be… Be open to opportunities to get involved. Try to connect with peers in your classes, take advantage of professor office hours, sign up for a student group, and seek out opportunities for volunteer and leadership.

Student Success Tip: Recognize that your presence at UVic is essential to our campus community. Feel welcome to bring your full self to the experience, sharing your thoughts, experiences and perspectives, your background, cultural heritage, etc. One of the wonderful aspects of being a part of university community is the opportunity to have meaningful dialogue and engagement with people. Take advantage of these opportunities.


I have had the pleasure of working at UVic for the past 22 years. Before coming to ISS seven years ago, I was a Counsellor in Counselling Services. Throughout my career at UVic, I have been dedicated to helping students have meaningful, healthy, and positive learning experiences. I believe that essential aspects of a university education include having opportunities to learn more about yourself, how you relate to the world around you, and how you can build community. 

My parents were born in Barbados. As a first-generation settler in Canada, I have seen throughout my life the incredible impact of bringing together different cultures, various backgrounds, multiple languages, and diverse perspectives. I feel deeply passionate about international education because I firmly believe that not only does it foster incredible individual learning and development, it also plays a vital role in making the world a better place. 


Spending time with family and friends; spending time outside connecting with nature – hiking, camping, walking; opportunities to learn and grow – spending time reading, having meaningful conversations, engaging in courses, podcasts, workshops etc.

Fun fact

I used to run marathons - I’ve run 13 marathons and 24 half marathons. I am a first generation settler in Canada. I was born in Montréal and my parents were born in Barbados.