American Sign Language Certificate



 About this certificate

This program is offered by the Department of Linguistics in partnership with the Division of Continuing Studies. The goal of the Certificate is to develop a conversational level of communicative competence of ASL, and a knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the culture of the Deaf Community; and thereby to develop an awareness of and sensitivity to linguistic and cultural diversity, leading ultimately to enhanced intercultural communicative and cultural competence.

Core courses

  • ASL100A - American Sign Language I (1.5)
  • ASL100B - American Sign Language II (1.5)
  • ASL200A - American Sign Language III (1.5)
  • ASL200B - American Sign Language IV (1.5)

Choose three of:

  • ASL300A - American Sign Language V (1.5)
  • ASL300B - American Sign Language VI (1.5)
  • LING345 - Sign Language as Language (1.5)
  • LING373 - Second Language Acquisition (1.5)
  • LING397 - Issues in Cross-Cultural Communication (1.5)

Many of the ASL courses can have waitlists. Please note the ASL Program Waitlist Policy.

Visit the academic calendar for details.

How to apply

For information on admission requirements, refer to the Faculty of Humanities. Please note that, in order to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, students must complete their degree requirements and Faculty program requirements in addition to the requirements above. Please contact the program adviser for your Bachelor's program for questions about the respective Bachelor's degree requirements.

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