Why study with us?

We welcome students who…

Have a passion for and curiosity about language, are open to thinking in new ways, and want to make a difference by acquiring new skills, new knowledge, and new ways of seeing.

In our programs you will have the opportunity to…

  1. Experience language in an entirely new way
  2. Be involved in original research with professors using a broad range of methodologies including cutting-edge labs/facilities
  3. Further your passion for language(s)
  4. Acquire professional expertise in learning and teaching a second language
  5. Explore language-based career options beyond what you might have dreamed of

Through your coursework, you will...

  1. Gain cultural and cross-cultural competencies in a variety of environments
  2. Develop grammatical skills, transferrable from one language to another
  3. Gain insight into a variety of ancient and modern societies as they are constructed through language
  4. Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to analyze sources of all kinds
  5. Present ideas in a convincing and structured manner
  6. Develop the ability to work independently​

When you leave our programs you will…

  1. Have strong transferable academic research and communication skills
  2. Possess a solid foundation in the concepts, values, and methodologies of linguistics
  3. Be able to articulate an appreciation for the richness and diversity of languages and for how and why they change over time
  4. Appreciate the complexity of linguistic representation in the human mind, and how this representation is shaped, as we acquire and use language.
  5. Understand the complex role language plays in the lives of individuals, communities, and societies
  6. Be prepared to advocate for positive social change as a fully engaged global citizen
  7. Have the knowledge and confidence to pursue the exciting range of possible career and life options available to you