Our department is unique in Canada in offering three different Bachelor's programs that reflect the specializations of our department: a BA in Linguistics, a BSc in Linguistics, and a BA in Applied Linguistics.

BA in Linguistics

Our BA in Linguistics is designed to provide a general background in all aspects of linguistic description and theory.

BSc in Linguistics

Our BSc in Linguistics provides a general background in linguistic description and theory, but with an emphasis on the more quantitative areas of acoustic and auditory phonetics—as well on the cognitive, neural, and biological aspects of language.

BA in Applied Linguistics

Our BA in Applied Linguistics provides theoretical background in language structure, acquisition, and teaching, as well as practical experience in language teaching.

Honours programs

Each of our three Bachelor's programs can also be taken as an Honours degree. Our Honours programs involve the usual requirements for the Major program (the BA in Linguistics, BSc in Linguistics, or BA in Applied Linguistics), plus additional coursework and an Honours thesis.

General and Minor programs

You can also do a general or minor program in linguistics. Please see the BA in Linguistics page for more information.

Co-op and work experience options

As a major in linguistics or applied linguistics, you can also participate in the Humanities and Fine Arts Co-operative Education or Work Experience programs.

You can combine any of our graduate programs with UVic's internationally renowned co-op program, incorporating work terms into your studies. To find out more about co-op and work experience opportunities geared towards Linguistics students, contact .

Diploma in Applied Linguistics

If you already have a Bachelor's degree, you may be interested in our Diploma in Applied Linguistics.  Like our BA in Applied Linguistics, this program is designed to prepare you to teach education degree, or successfully complete the professional program for graduates offered by education faculties in the province.

Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization

If you are committed to the revitalization of Indigenous languages in Canada, or anywhere on the globe, our certificate program is designed for you. It is possible to undertake coursework on the certificate while also enrolled a degree program (BA, MA, or PhD). Please contact the  if you are interested in this possibility.

American Sign Language Certificate

Is your goal to achieve a conversational level of American Sign Language and a knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of Deaf culture at the same time as earning a language credential? Then, the American Sign Language Certificate offered in partnership with the Division of Continuing Studies is for you. Questions? Please contact the ASL Program Coordinator.