BSc in Linguistics

The BSc in Linguistics gives you a general background in linguistic description and theory, but with an emphasis on the more quantitative areas of acoustic and auditory phonetics, as well on the cognitive, neural and biological aspects of language (through courses taken in biology and psychology). This program is designed for students who wish to go into careers in speech pathology and audiology, computational linguistics, or speech technology, or who wish to pursue further studies in related fields such as experimental psycholinguistics, music acoustics or health sciences.


You can click on the links below to see the current calendar requirements for the BSc programs in linguistics.

Attention LING BSc students: Psychology has changed its course lineup, so that you may find it difficult to satisfy the PSYC co-requisites for our BSc. We are working on revising the BSc requirements, but in the meantime, if you are planning to finish your LING BSc requirements in 2017, we will count any of the following courses towards your PSYC co-requisites (in addition to the other co-requisite options listed in the Calendar, which are no longer offered): LING 470, PSYC 300B, 335, 351B, 351C, 351D, 450, 451B, 451C, 451D. Please contact the Linguistics Undergraduate Advisor ( to make these substitutions. Also, please be aware that these courses have prerequisites that you will need to take before enrolling in them. It's possible that the PSYC 210 prerequisite can be waived in certain cases - you can contact the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor ( to ask for a waiver.