The Honours program

You can take the Honours program within any of our Bachelor's degree programs. In addition to the requirements for the Major, students in the Honours program take LING 411 (Advanced Syntactic Analysis), 412 (Advanced Phonological Analysis), and 499 (Honours Thesis). You can see more information on the Honours program in the calendar:

Please see the  if you have any questions about the Honours program, or if you would like to apply for admission to the program.

Admission requirements

Students usually start the admission process near the end of the prefinal year. Normally, the Honours program requires a GPA of 6.0 (B+), calculated using the grades for your upper-level Linguistics courses.  In order to gain admission into the program, you will need to:

  1. declare a Major in Linguistics or Applied Linguistics
  2. contact the Undergraduate Advisor
  3. find a faculty member who agrees to supervise your thesis project
  4. meet the Honours GPA requirements at the end of your prefinal year

Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award

Third- and fourth-year undergraduate students with excellent academic standing are eligible for the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award (JCURA). Award recipients undertake a research project under the mentorship of a faculty supervisor. This opportunity is of particular interest for Honours students planning to enroll in LING 499. The Department of Linguistics is currently eligible to nominate two students for this award. For further information and application forms, see the JCURA webpage.

2013-14 Honours Theses

  • Nicole Edgar - "Mock manly speech: polyphonic resources in the construction of hegemonic masculinity personae." Supervisor: A. D'Arcy
  • Veronica Hulme - "An ultrasound investigation of alveolar and postalveolar fricatives." Supervisor: A. Benner
  • Katie Sharpe - "Syllable shape of two consonant roots and their suffixes in Nsilxcin." Supervisor: E. Czaykowska-Higgins
  • Allie Simpson - "English-as-an-additional-language speakers’ use of communication strategies in mock interviews conducted by English-as-a-first-language vs. English-as-an-additional-language interviewers." Supervisor: L.-S. Huang
  • Geoff Stevenson - "Do I sound happy here to you? The influence of background soundscapes on the perception of emotions in speech." Supervisor: S. Urbanczyk
  • Siobhan Zelwietro - "Babbling Bai babies: an investigation into the pitch variations and mean length of babbling utterances during the second year of life." Supervisor: A. Benner