Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization

The award-winning Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR) was developed in partnership with the En’owkin Centre of the Okanagan Nation and the Cultural Resource Management programs of UVic’s Continuing Studies.

The goal of the CILR program is to support communities in language revitalization initiatives, by strengthening understanding of the complex context and characteristics of language loss, maintenance, and recovery, and by developing knowledge of strategies and successes in language revitalization in communities. The program honours traditional knowledge and practices to reach a diverse group of learners. It provides the foundation for language activism, language learning, community language programming, and further study in linguistics, education, and related areas.

The full program is usually offered off-campus in cooperation and collaboration with Indigenous communities, with individual course offerings occasionally at UVic and the En’owkin Centre. For more information on the CILR programme, please see the CILR website.

Diploma and BEd in Indigenous Language Revitalization

The department of Linguistics is also a partner with Indigenous Education in the Faculty of Education and the Division of Continuing Studies in offering a Diploma in Indigenous Language Revitalization, and a BEd in Indigenous Language Revitalization.

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Two CALR grads share their experiences about the program.