Jamey Jesperson

Jamey Jesperson
PhD Candidate
History and CSPT

BA Global Studies (The New School); MA Queer History (Goldsmiths, University of London)

Area of expertise

2SLGBTQ+ History, Indigenous Ethnohistory, American History, & Trans Studies


Jamey is a Vanier Scholar and PhD candidate in History and Cultural, Social, and Political Thought. She specializes in trans and Two-Spirit histories of early colonial North America, with a focus on Indigenous-settler contact along the Pacific coast. Through a blend of ‘storywork’ methodology and colonial archival research, her doctoral dissertation endeavors to ‘re-story’ trans Indigenous lives and worlds in the Pacific Northwest during the early contact period (1774-1857).

Awards & Honours

2023-26 Vanier Graduate Scholarship
2023 Graduate Student Essay Prize (Gender & History Journal)
2022 Rees Davies Prize for Best M.A. Dissertation in the UK (Royal Historical Society)
2016 Outstanding B.A. Thesis Award (The New School)
2016 David S. Woods Humanitarian Award (The New School)


UVic Department of Gender Studies, Sessional Instructor
UVic Chair in Transgender Studies, MTHF Committee Member
UVic Graduate History Review, Co-Editor


Jesperson, Jamey. “Trans Sex Work in Colonial North America: A Herstory.” In Global History of Sex Work, edited by Catherine Phipps (expected Spring 2024).

Gust, Onni and Jamey Jesperson. “History Beyond the Gender Binary.” In The Oxford Handbook of LGBTQ History, edited by Howard Chiang and Dominic Janes (expected Spring 2024).

Jesperson, Jamey and Saylesh Wesley. “‘Waking to Dream’: The Life Stories of Saylesh Wesley, Trans Stó:lō Elder-to-Be.” TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 10, no. 3 (expected Fall 2023). Also available at Stó:lō Library & Archives (2022).

Jesperson, Jamey. “Trans Misogyny in the Colonial Archive: Re-Membering Trans Feminine Life & Death in New Spain, 1604-1821.” Gender & History 35, no. 3 (2023): 1-21. **winner of 2023 Gender & History Graduate Student Essay Prize**

Jesperson, Jamey. [book review] Female Husbands: A Trans History, by Jen Manion.” Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal 17, no. 2 (Spring 2023): 420-24.

Jesperson, Jamey. “Settler TransNationalism: The Colonial Politics of White Trans Passing on Stolen Land.” Spectator 42, no. 1 (Spring 2022): 32-43.

Jesperson, Jamey. “Honouring Trans Lives, Historicising Trans Death.” History Workshop. November 20, 2020.

Conferences & Lectures (selected)

“Trans Misogyny in the Colonial Archive,” University of Cardiff, Intersec+ions Seminar Series [2023]

“Historicizing Trans Death / Theorizing Trans Survivance,” University of Victoria, Cultural, Social, & Political Thought Colloquium [2023]

“‘Re-Membering’ Indigenous Trans Femininity in the Alta California Missions, 1769-1821,” Berkshire Conference of Women Historians [2023]                   

“‘Re-Membering’ Trans Femininity in the Mexican Sodomy Trials of 1656-1658,” University of York, “Transgender Embodiment, 1400—1700” [2023]

“‘Waking to Dream’: The Life Stories of Saylesh Wesley, Trans Stó:lō Elder-to-Be,” University of Victoria, Moving Trans History Forward Conference [2023]             

“Trans Misogyny in the Colonial Archive: Colonial México,” University of Cambridge, Gender & Sexuality History Workshop [2023]

“Transmisogyny in the Colonial Archive: ‘Re-Membering’ Transfeminine Life & Death,” University of Oxford, History of the Gendered Body Seminar Series [2022]

“Trans & Intersex Relationships to Hormones: A History,” University of Victoria, “Theorizing Hormones” course [2022]

“Transmisogyny in the Colonial Archive: ‘Re-Membering’ Gendercide in the American West.” Gender & History, Historicising Trans Pasts Colloquium [2022]

“Critical Indigenous Studies x Trans Studies,” Modern Language Association, Early Modern Race x Trans Studies Roundtable [2022]

“Trans History on Stolen Land: Tracing the Settler Colonial Roots of Gender in North America” En-Gender! 2021 Conference [2021]

“Transnationalism as Assemblage: The Colonial Politics of Trans ‘Passing’ in the US,” University of Southern California, First Forum: “Passing” [2020]

“Brutal Binaries: Trans Settler Amnesia & the History of Gender(cide) in Early America,” Wadham College, University of Oxford, Trans & Nonbinary History Workshop [2020]

“Queer Resistance on Stolen Land: Trans* Settler Accountabilities to Decolonization,” University of Toronto, The Work of Settler Colonialism II Symposium [2017]

“Before the Binary: An Origin Story of Colonial Gender Binarism,” Ohio State University, Queer Places, Practices, Lives III Conference [2017]