Kiran Stewart-McKee

Kiran Stewart-McKee
Outreach & Congregational Care Coordinator
Deer Park United Church

History - BA (2011)

Kiran is the Congregational Care and Community Engagement Coordinator at Deer Park United Church in Calgary, Alberta. In this role, she provides pastoral care to congregants, provides referrals and support to low income individuals and families, and connects with non-profits to provide strong programming for communities.

Because I specialized in the era of history that today's seniors were young adults during, I am able to participate in conversations with dementia residents who specifically are reliving this time period. In addition, because of my education in history and gender studies, I am well educated in social understandings of topics such as mental illness, religion and the church's role in the community, First Nations communities, and women's role in the community, church and home-all topics that are very relevant to social work.